1. Introduction

Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, encountered a serious problem in dealing with Microsoft Exchange server crashes and the subsequent loss of crucial emails. This case study explores how the company tackled this problem by implementing DataNumen Exchange Recovery software and the ensuing benefits of their decision.

2. The Problem

With thousands of employees globally, Johnson & Johnson relied heavily on Microsoft Exchange Server for internal and external communication. Due to technical issues, they experienced unanticipated server crashes causing devastating data losses, including crucial emails. The company needed a reliable and effective recovery solution to combat this issue and minimize the impact on its operations. This is where DataNumen Exchange Recovery comes in.

3. The Solution: DataNumen Exchange Recovery

Johnson & Johnson chose DataNumen Exchange Recovery, a powerful tool designed to recover lost or corrupted OST file in case of  Exchange server crashes. This software, known for its user-friendliness and robust recovery performance, quickly became their preferred solution to handle the email recovery issue.

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4. Implementation

The integration of DataNumen Exchange Recovery followed a carefully planned phased approach. A dedicated team trained in the technicalities of the software was set up to ensure a seamless integration into their existing infrastructure, ensuring minimum disruption.

5. How DataNumen Exchange Recovery Works

DataNumen software has a proven track record with the highest recovery rate (93.2%) in the industry. It utilizes advanced technologies to scan the damaged or corrupt Exchange offline files (.OST files) and recover as much data as possible. It supports all versions of Exchange and Windows operating systems, making it a versatile tool for such a diverse, multinational company like Johnson & Johnson.

6. Results and Impact

Following the successful integration of DataNumen Exchange Recovery, Johnson & Johnson started to experience significant improvements in their data recovery capabilities. Critical information that seemed lost was recovered, minimizing the negative effects on their operations and decision-making process.

6.1 Increased Data Salvage Rate

DataNumen’s high recovery rate meant that Johnson & Johnson saved a higher proportion of lost emails than ever before. In the process, the company reduced the potential losses that could arise from lost communications.

6.2 Improved Efficiency

With less time spent recovering lost emails, staff efficiency saw noticeable improvement. The easy-to-understand user interface of the DataNumen Exchange Recovery software enabled even non-technical staff members to recover lost emails independently, further contributing to the efficiency gains.

6.3 Enhanced Security

The secure recovery process of DataNumen Exchange Recovery ensures that information is not leaked during the recovery process, making it an ideal choice for Johnson & Johnson, a company with a strong emphasis on information integrity and security.

7. Conclusion

This case study showcases how Johnson & Johnson turned around an internal communication challenge by implementing DataNumen Exchange Recovery. The continued use of this software has not only saved them from the potential pitfalls of data loss but also enhanced their overall efficiency and information security. The solution afforded by DataNumen Exchange Recovery illustrates the importance of incorporating robust data recovery tools within a company’s data management strategy.