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DataNumen PDF Repair, formerly called Advanced PDF Repair, is an advanced software product designed to recover damaged or corrupted PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This powerful tool is known for its high recovery rate and ability to repair multiple PDF files in batch, making it a top choice for businesses and individual users alike. The following case study explores how one organization leveraged DataNumen PDF Repair to tackle significant data loss and enhance its operational efficiency.


Our subject for this case study is Goldman Sachs, a Fortune 500 company. It had accumulated a large volume of PDF files over several years, containing vital reports, research papers, and client data. In June 2008, a significant portion of these PDF files became inaccessible due to a malware attack, creating an operational bottleneck that severely impacted productivity and client satisfaction.


The company’s IT team quickly isolated the malware and secured their network, but the damage was done. An estimated 30% of their PDF documents were damaged and unreadable, a serious problem as these files contained information critical to ongoing projects and client services.

The team tried using several PDF recovery tools, but the recovery rates were significantly low and the recovered documents often exhibited formatting issues, missing pages, and other data discrepancies. The company needed a powerful, efficient, and reliable PDF repair solution – they needed DataNumen PDF Repair.


With its promise of the highest recovery rate in the market, DataNumen PDF Repair was employed to handle the damaged PDF files. The software was easily integrated into their existing IT infrastructure. Its batch repair feature allowed the IT team to repair multiple corrupted PDF files simultaneously, significantly reducing the time required for the recovery process.

DataNumen PDF Repair‘s ability to recover all elements of the PDF files including images, graphics, and text was a boon to the company. Even the formatting and layout of complex reports and documents were accurately retained in the repaired PDF files.


The results of using DataNumen PDF Repair were immediate and impressive. The recovery rate exceeded the company’s expectations, reaching close to 90%. Most importantly, the quality of the recovered data was excellent, with nearly all the repaired files retaining their original formatting and completeness.

Additionally, the batch repair feature saved the company a significant amount of time, allowing them to quickly get back on track and refocus on their core business operations.

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Goldman Sachs Order


The company’s experience showcases the power and efficiency of DataNumen PDF Repair. The software not only saved them from potential loss of critical data but also reduced the downtime, allowing the company to swiftly resume its operations. The high recovery rate, combined with the tool’s ability to retain the original formatting and structure of PDF files, makes DataNumen PDF Repair an invaluable asset for any organization facing similar data loss issues.

This case study stands as a testament to DataNumen‘s mission to provide reliable, efficient, and user-friendly data recovery solutions that can mitigate even the most severe data loss scenarios.