1. Introduction

In the era of increasing digitalization, businesses heavily depend on email communication. Microsoft Outlook being a common choice, its seamless operation is crucial. One such business entity, Barclays Bank, a Fortune Global 500 multinational banking and financial services company, relied on Microsoft Outlook for its daily communications. When recurring issues with Outlook PST file corruption threatened operational efficiency, Barclays turned to DataNumen Outlook Repair, a robust PST file recovery tool, to address the issue.

Barclays Case Study

2. Unearthing the Problem

Barclays Bank’s extensive network stretched across several countries, and the panel of hundreds of computers in use presented its unique set of challenges. The most pressing one was the regular corruption of Outlook’s PST files, creating numerous logistical hurdles. With emails being the lifeline of modern corporations, delays or failures in email communication had a direct impact on the bank’s daily operations.

Significant correspondences were delayed, client communication was sub-par, and internal coordination was becoming increasingly chaotic. With the escalating threat of customer dissatisfaction and violation of service agreements, it was crucial to find a solution quickly.

3. The Choice of Solution: DataNumen Outlook Repair

After meticulous research and thorough comparison, the forward-thinking IT department at Barclays decided to implement DataNumen’s Outlook Repair tool. Not only did it promise the recovery of corrupted PST files, but its holistic approach towards data recovery, encompassing emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and journal entries, made it stand out as an apt solution.

Below is the order:

Barclays Order


  1. Advanced Outlook Repair is the former name of DataNumen Outlook Repair.
  2. Getronics is the reseller.

4. Implementation of DataNumen Outlook Repair

Barclays collaborated closely with the DataNumen team to implement the solution tailored to their specific needs. The process started with the identification and categorization of corrupted PST files. The DataNumen Outlook Repair tool was then deployed to recover these files efficiently.

DataNumen’s team also provided comprehensive training to the Barclays IT team. This pro-active step ensured the bank was equipped to deal with similar issues independently in the future.

5. Post-Implementation Phase

Once the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool was fully integrated into Barclays’ system, the changes were almost immediate. Barclays regained its control over email communication. The tool not only helped to recover the corrupted files but also acted as a preventive measure by strengthening the system against potential future issues.

The bank recorded increased efficiency in internal and external communication, while the tool’s wide-ranging recovery capabilities ensured that no critical data was lost. The extent of the recovery also preserved their earlier communication chain intact, which was crucial for audit trails and regulatory purposes. In the end, the tool came through with a phenomenal recovery rate of over 98% – the highest in the industry.

6. Wrap-Up

This case study presents an insightful tale of the successful implementation of the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool by Barclays Bank. The robustness of the tool, its comprehensive recovery feature, and easy-to-use interface, made it an apt solution to the vexing issue the bank was facing. It further testifies to DataNumen’s vision and commitment to offering reliable and efficacious data recovery solutions tailored for businesses irrespective of their size or sector.

7. Looking into the Future

Barclays Bank’s successful deployment of DataNumen Outlook Repair tool marks just the beginning of the tool’s potential. With the increasing reliance on digital communication, the protection and recovery of PST files becomes even more critical. DataNumen’s ongoing commitment to refining and improving their product, together with their praiseworthy customer support, promises exciting possibilities for businesses struggling with similar issues.

Barclays’ enhanced operational efficiency post the deployment of DataNumen Outlook Repair tool serves as an inspiration for businesses. It emphasizes on the need for proactive measures in preserving and maintaining their communication channels, particularly emails. If the lessons from Barclays’ experience can be widely implemented, Outlook PST file corruption could soon be a thing of the past for businesses worldwide.