Working with Themes in Ms Outlook 2013 – An Overview

In the 2013 iteration of Outlook, several themes are available to customize the look and feel of your email client.

Working with Themes in Ms Outlook 2013 – An Overview

If you always thought, that MS Outlook will always remain dull and boring, then you need to rethink. Yes, MS Outlook 2013 brings forward some exceptional features including Themes. You will no longer feel that your mailbox is boring, once you get used to the Themes that are now available in this new version of Outlook. Although, there are only three themes available at present, there is a whole variety of backgrounds that can be chosen. Read on to know more about this new Theme feature of Outlook 2013.

Let us throw some light on how to incorporate these three themes in your Outlook. All you need is to go to the File Menu and then to the Office Account, where you get to choose an Office Theme from a list displaying all the themes that are available. At present, there are three simple looks that can complement any of the themed backgrounds and they are White, Light Gray and Dark Gray.
Talking about the White Theme at first, it has been included to give you a cleaner and a spotless look. By applying this theme, you make you mailbox clearer and easier to navigate, as white is a color that displays everything clear and without any hindrance. It will apply a white color to the main Window Title Bar, the Header and the Navigation Pane of your Outlook.
Second theme is the theme of Light Gray that has been incorporated to give your Outlook a medium contrast. Light gray color does look boring to some but it gives a medium tint and won’t strike to the eyes, when you will first open your Outlook. Again in this theme, your mailbox Header, Navigation Pane and the Window Title Bar will appear in the light gray color.
Lastly, there is the Dark Gray theme, which is the one that has been designed to give you a higher contrast to your Window Title Bar, Header of the mailbox and the Navigation Pane. However, in this theme, some areas, for instance, the Status Bar or the File tab just on the ribbon are displayed in black color to give a better contrast.
Show up your creativity by trying out the new Themed Backgrounds in MS Outlook 2013. There are about a dozen of backgrounds including Calligraphy, Circuit, Straws, Clouds, Circle and Stripes and etc. If you are creative enough you can actually create a beautiful visual representation of your Outlook by combining any of the three theme schemes and these backgrounds that are available in the 2013 version.
Do not expect the 2013 iteration of Outlook to be perfect
The Outlook 2013 iteration is a credible milestone in the progress of this class leading desktop email client. However it is still way off from being perfect and PST errors still can occur in it. Thus it is advisable to pack a pst recovery tool like the stellar DataNumen Outlook Repair application to deal with a PST crash. With this tool, you can safely get back all your emails from a crashed PST file and even recover data contained in calendar and note entries.
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