Working Effectively with Contacts in MS Outlook

Contacts in Ms Outlook can be effectively used to encompass a range of information and can be managed with ease.

Working Effectively with Contacts in MS Outlook
Whether you believe it or not, the main reason for most of us using MS Outlook is its power-packed features that have been designed to offer convenience while we tackle our emails. One such feature of Outlook is the Contacts feature, without which Outlook will almost loose most of its charm and efficiency. Read on to know more about how to work with Contacts in MS Outlook and after all, why they are needed so much.
The most appropriate way of using the contact management is to set up an Address Book, so the important people can be contacted as per wish on the desired dates. Be it the calendar feature or the mailbox, you can’t do with them unless and until you have some contacts to send mails or to fix reminders in the calendar.
To create an address book, you first need to go to the People Mode and there you will see two options, including creating a new contact and searching a contact. You can pick any of these two options as per your wish. Creating a new contact is very easy and all you need is to fill in a couple of information like Full Name, Company, Job Title, Email Id, Contact Numbers and so on. However, don’t forget to click on Save & New to create another contact.
Moreover, you get the liberty to even import contacts from other mailbox outside Outlook. For this, you need to first go to the File tab and Click on Open option and then Import Option. There, click on the Import from another program or file option. Once this is done, click on the Next Option. You will then see Select the file type to import, there you will be required to click on the type of file that you wish to import and lastly, click the Next option. No matter, whether all your contacts are listed in your Gmail or Yahoomail or Hotmail account, you can still export all the contacts from there and import them in MS Outlook through the above mentioned steps.
In case, you are importing contacts from within the Outlook, you might get puzzled to see three different options there. You will need to choose “Replace duplicates” option, if you wish to replace information for an Outlook contact that already exists. Then, there is “Don’t import duplicate” option that is to be chosen, when you just wish to import the contact from Outlook contacts and not import the information from it. Lastly, there is “Allow duplicates” option that helps in creating a second contact for an Outlook contact that already exists.
Do Not let an unfortunate PST crash take away your contacts
Working Outlook would have been boring and much more time consuming, if the feature called Contacts was missing. Thanks to Microsoft for adding this time saving and very useful feature in Outlook that helps us remain in touch with all our important contacts at one place. However the data stored in it remains vulnerable to a PST crash. Thus you should keep an Outlook recovery tool like the stellar DataNumen Outlook Repair application to negotiate such emergencies. In the event of an unforeseen crash, the tool can quickly bring back all the data stored in the Address book in quick time.
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