Working Around Outlook’s Lack of Watermark Options

In this article we would look at overcoming the absence of a watermark feature in Outlook with the help of the Word Application in Ms Office.

Working Around Outlook’s Lack of Watermark Options

Creating a brand identify is often a key endeavor in the business world. At times it is important to mark your identify in official business communications. For example printed letterheads used by many companies contain a watermarked logo. Now if you are looking to replicate the same in the emails that you send out, you would be disappointed to know that Outlook does not natively allow insertion of watermarks. However the same is quite possible by creating a watermark image with the help of the Ms Word application and incorporating it in Outlook. Let’s look at how it can be achieved.

Creating an Watermark in Word and incorporating it as an image in Outlook

1. Open the Ms Word application and head to the Format tab
2. Next go to Background and click on Printed Watermark and then opt for the Text watermark option. Interestingly you can also simply click the watermark option in your Word document if it appears in the top layout.
3. Once the watermark is in place, you may need to resize the document so that the entire watermark is visible
4. Once the full watermark is visible take a screenshot of the same and save the image in the Jpg format.
5. In case you wish you can choose to modify the image using an image editor like Ms Paint
6. Now launch the Ms Outlook application
7. Launch a New Message and click on the Format tab
8. Under the Background, choose Fill Effects and then head to the Picture tab
9. Now choose the image you have saved and set it as background.

You can opt to save this message as a template for further use. Whenever you use this template a watermark image would show up with your email. For an average receiver it would appear that your emails are watermarked similar to how a printed watermarked letter looks.

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