With Outlook 2013 its easy to get a receipt from a contact whom you sent an email

Sending out a read receipt request to a contact is exceedingly easy in Outlook 2013

With Outlook 2013 its easy to get a receipt from a contact whom you sent an email

It is needless to say that a lot of efforts goes in composing a professional email, which is both filled with crucial official data and also important as per deadlines. But, what if the email message you send doesn’t reach or is unread by the receiver on time? Perhaps, this is where the necessity of using a smart feature like Read Receipts arises. Since, we have already covered the information on how to use the Read Receipts in MS Outlook in one of our earlier articles, so this time we will throw light on other aspects of the same feature.

Now, first of all, let us examine, when you really wish to get a confirmation that your email message has been received and read. Well, in most of the cases, a user expects a confirmation for a deadline based email because if a read receipt is not received in such a case, then he or she can perhaps make a phone call or look for other alternatives to convey a certain message before the deadline. The best thing is that MS Outlook within itself provides the facility of Read Receipt, so why not use it and get assured that your message has been checked out by the receiver. However, in other email client servers, people generally register to email services like ReadNotify to get the read receipt confirmations.

In case, you feel like not letting the sender know whether you have read his or her email message or not, then you can even disable the automatic read receipts in a very simple way. For this, you need to first go to the Tools Menu and then check out the Options. Under it pick the Email Options and pick the Tracking Options. There, just select the option of Never Send A Read Receipt and you will have no boss out there to check whether you read his or her message.

Apart from the above mentioned way of controlling your read receipts, there are two more ways of controlling them. Once, you open the Tracking Options under the Email Options, the other two options are like firstly, Always Send A Read Receipt, which obviously as the name suggests is meant to send a read receipt as a confirmation that you have read or opened the sender’s message at least once. Secondly, there is an option of Ask Each Time To Send A Read Receipt, which is in fact the default setting in MS Outlook. In this you will get to see a pop up requesting you to send a read receipt to the sender and you have the sole control whether to send the read receipt or not.

Whatsoever, option you choose, we recommend you to use the amazing feature of Read Receipt in MS Outlook 2013, that actually helps you get confirmation that your message has reached the safer hands in the apt time. After all, there are no side effects or drawbacks of using Read Receipts, they always in fact, helps maintaining a proper and healthy professional decorum especially with the clients.

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