Will the Meltdown Security Flaw Affect MS Access Databases

In this article, we look at the possible impact of the latest Meltdown security flaw on MS Access. As a matter precaution, we also look at keeping a recovery tool to protect Access data.

In recent past, a set of serious computer vulnerabilities have scared computer users and companies across the globe. Researchers have unveiled security vulnerabilities in computer chips and set of such issues have been dubbed as Meltdown and Spectre. These issues affect nearly most computer chips designed in last 20 years and can possibly lead security breaches.

Will Meltdown Affect Access Databases

Meltdown and Spectre Explained

Both these issues raise the possibility of protected data being accessed. In case of Meltdown flaw, a hacker can theoretically go past the hardware boundaries and thus access data stored by other programs and even data which only system administrators can have access too. At a conceptual level, it is a serious flaw notwithstanding what chipmakers claimed otherwise. Spectre on the other hand force an application to give out its own data against compromising data security.  Theoretically speaking a piece of code present on a website you visit can trick out the browser to give your stored login id and password. 

How are Companies Reacting to Meltdown

Given the possibility of severe losses, companies have been very active in running patches. Already Microsoft and Intel are in picture rolling out updates to resolve the issue. Server vendor and cloud solution providers are doing their bit too. Google too launched an advisory detailing how these vulnerabilities are affecting specific products and what you can do

Meltdown and MS Access

Since Meltdown affects computers at a fundamental level, all database application running on Windows Server can hypothetically be compromised. Thus MS Access is hardly an exception and standard mechanism needs to be followed. To start with set Windows update to automatic and ensure updates get installed. Next, install firmware updates that your chip manufacturers have provided.

If you are running an Access application on a network, make sure every system that is used to work with the database is properly patched. It is critical both firmware and operating system updates are done. That apart it is also critical that you update the antivirus application installed on all your systems. In fact, Microsoft advises antivirus updates to be installed first.  

Preparing a Contingency plan

While it is quite likely that your Line of Business Application developed in MS Access should continue to work fine, yet a chance of mishap always remains. Hence it is advisable to keep an accdb repair tool around to deal with an emergency situation. A tool like DataNumen Access Repair can swing into action and extract data from a compromised Access file in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the tool can also be used to break down a large database in manageable smaller parts.

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