Will Computer Slow down When Hard Drive Is Out of Space?

If you’re wondering whether your computer will slow down when the internal hard disk is out of space, you can refer to this article. Here we will expose the exact answer to you.

As we all know, internal hard drive is the place where all your computer data is exactly stored. Thus, with regular use and more data written to it, hard drive will be inevitably out of space one day. At that time, you may encounter various issues, such as data corruption, like corrupt PST file as well as computer slowdown. Yet, in reality, hard drive’s storage space doesn’t influence computer performance. In other words, a full hard drive is not the direct cause of computer slowdown.

Will Computer Slow down When Hard Drive Is Out of Space?

The reason why computer will slow down obviously in the event of out-of-space drive is because the actual things which slow down computer will often happen in the meantime when hard drive is filled up. These things include file fragments, overloaded work and full RAM, etc. Now, in the followings, we’ll introduce them respectively.

1. File Fragmentation

When there are too many file fragmentations in a hard drive, in date read/write, the drive will spend much longer time to find and rearrange the file pieces. Hence, it is advisable to defrag a hard drive regularly. Yet, if a hard drive is out of space, it is difficult for defragging tool to defrag the drive. Thus, with too many fragments, computer will slow down.

2. Overloaded Work

In addition, when the internal hard drive is full, your computer will be prone to get overloaded. For instance, many PC operating systems has enabled automatic search indexing, which will generate a lot of indexing contents. In this situation, searching will take longer, thereby influencing the computer performance. Also, with your hard drive running out of space, the PC performance can become much poorer. In another instance, perhaps you have installed a lot of software on your computer. When lots of software is being loaded at the same time, your computer will slow down surely, and meanwhile, more drive space will be taken up.

5. Full Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is a type of storage preinstalled in computer system. When you open an app, a file or others, RAM is used to store the data while computer is working on it. So, it supports PC to works fast. In this principle, the more apps you run, the more RAM you require. However, by default, the RAM is limited. When it runs out, PC will use the internal hard drive as virtual memory swap space to hold a page file. In this case, computer will write and read temporary files continually to the hard drive. Hence, at this point, if the hard drive is out of space as well, of course, your computer will slow down.

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