Why You should Install Data Recovery Programs Right Away

There is a misconception that data loss due to accidental deletion of files is a big problem. While it is a common problem, it’s actually not that big a problem because you can usually recover deleted files as long as you have a data recovery program installed.

DataNumen Data Recovery

Deleting files accidentally is a common human error that leads to data loss, but it is not an error that needs to lead to permanent data loss. However, you need to recover those files quickly before the data is overwritten. The best way to do so is to have a data recovery program already installed on your computer.

When a file is deleted what happens?

If you can no longer find your file and suspect that it has been deleted, don’t panic. The data might still be on your hard drive.

When you create or save a file on Windows, the system keeps track of where the file is located on the hard drive with the use of “pointers”. Every file has a specific pointer which tells Windows in which sector of the hard drive the data is located.

When a file is deleted, Windows will remove the pointer and the sector where the data used to be is now marked as available. If you create and save another file, that data might be saved in that sector, but till it is your data will remain and the original file can be recovered. You just need to work quickly.

Why is it not easy to permanently delete your file

For one thing, most computer programs will actually ask you if you are sure that you want to delete your file. So if you are alert enough, you should be able to catch yourself before you unintentionally delete your file.

For another thing, deleted files are placed in the Recycle Bin and will stay there till you empty it. The quickest fix possible on Windows if you’ve accidentally deleted your file is to look for it in the Recycle Bin and restore the file.

There are also recovery tools build into Windows that can restore some of your files. Really, however, the best way to ensure that you can recover a deleted file before suffering permanent data loss is to install a data recovery program as soon as you get your computer.

Why do I need a data recovery program installed?

As we mentioned before, time is of an essence when we are talking about recovering a deleted file. Ideally, as soon as you discover an important file is missing, you attempt to recover it before it gets overwritten.

If you don’t already have a data recovery program installed and just attempt to install it when you need it, there is a chance that the data needed to run the program will get saved in the sector where the file you wanted to recover was located. So your new data recovery program will overwrite your file and now you have lost the data and it’s useless.

Installing a few file recovery programs ASAP is key to ensuring data loss is only temporary. If you have DataNumen Data Recovery, it can quickly scan your drive and recover any lost and deleted files. You might also want to have a data recovery program that works with specific programs, like DataNumen Word Repair or Excel Repair, if you use these programs extensively.

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