Why Small Businesses Should Look to go for SQL Server Instead of Ms Access

In an increasingly technology access-to-sql-server-migrationdriven world, the efficacy of your business systems often plays a crucial role in determining your competitiveness. Even small businesses which are experiencing a growth need to invest in technology to keep their momentum going. When it comes to databases a huge number of small businesses prefer to run applications on an Ms Access backend. The fact that the Access database ships as a part of Ms Office application is often a primary reason for businesses to create applications around it. However Ms Access is restricted in its capacity and it is often wise to try out the SQL Server application instead as it offers a whole deal more flexibility and power.


  • SQL Server is way more reliable than Ms Access

In an Ms Access database implementation, the business logic of the program runs at the client end. For example if you have a Access driven MIS system, the execution of the programs occurs at individual PCs in your LAN while finally the data is written into the database in raw form directly into the tables. In case a machine attempting to write the data experiences a crash, it is quite possible that the Access database too would get compromised. The genesis of this issue lies in the file server sharing design on which Access is based on. However the SQL Server is free of such risks as it runs on the robust client server architecture.


  • SQL Provides for Integrity of Data

If you are looking to run triggers on an Access application they can be bypassed at the client end. So a lot of tracking and audit functions can be nullified if the user wishes. However in SQL Server implementations, triggers are initiated at the server end and thus cannot be bypassed.


  • Improved Performance

SQL Server is completely in a different league while compared to Ms Access in performance. An access implementation can barely run around ten concurrent sessions while a SQL Server implementation can manage over thousands of simultaneous clients. Moreover SQL Server can help avoid issues like collisions and resource locks and considerably reduce the amount of network traffic related to a database application. Moreover, for internet based applications that need to be scalable and provide 24/7 availability, the sheer robustness of SQL server makes it the preferred choice.


  • Remain Prepared for an eventuality of a SQL Server crash

Now if you have a running SQL Server implementation or plan to roll one out in near future, you should also be aware of its drawbacks. While the application is relatively robust but it can crash at times and its encompassed data may come at risk. In order to avoid such a scenario it is advisable to keep an effectual sql recovery application handy. Amongst the several applications that you may come across the DataNumen SQL Recovery tool is counted amongst the very best owing to its capacity to recover NDF files and negotiate a host of data formats. Moreover it can effortlessly recover huge database files with ease and in quick time.


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