What Makes DataNumen Access Repair Tool the Best in its Class

In this post, we delve into the salient features that make DataNumen Access repair tool an exceptional database recovery software when compared to other tools in its class.

What Makes DataNumen Access Repair Tool the Best in its Class

If you are looking for a suitable data recovery tool to repair your MS Access database, you will most likely start by doing an online search. The good news is that you will get lots of products on offer. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell which one is best suited for your needs.

To unravel this mystery, one of the best things to do is to search for a review on each product to determine which one works for you. We have done the homework for you and compared the DataNumen Access Repair tool with other top products in its class. The results place this tool top in its category.

1.     File Recovery Rate

In a test that subjected the top 13 Access Repair tools in the market to a data recovery exercise involving 16 corrupt Access databases, the DataNumen Access Repair tools emerged the winner with a successful recovery rate of 93.34%. All the other tools in this category scored less than 15%. This proves that the DataNumen Access Repair recovers 6 times as much data as its competitors. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable data recovery tool for corrupt Access database files, then this is the ideal software to invest in.

2.     Database Formats Supported

While most data recovery tools in this class support all versions of Access, they lack some key functions that come with DataNumen Access Repair. For instance, when recovering Access databases with this tool, you change the output file to be in an MDB format.  You also output Access 95/97 files to Access 2000 version or higher and vice versa.

DataNumen Access Repair

Users can thus recover Access databases in formats that are most useful to them. In this regard, the  DataNumen Access Repair tool gives you more flexibility in how you handle the recovery of Access databases than any other tool in the market.

3.     Database Objects Recovery

Another big win for using this data recovery tool is that it allows you to recover more features of your Access database objects than other tools do. For example, relationships are very important to databases. While most tools do not recover this feature, the DataNumen Access Repair software allows you to recover all objects with their associated relationships.

Also, the tool helps you to recover the formatting of different fields such as indexing or auto-numbering. These features allow you to output more organized and functional databases. Its ability to recover deleted tables and fields makes it a great computer forensic tool, especially in cases where data is manipulated to hide information. In these operations, you can use this tool to access password-protected databases without any credentials.


When recovering data, your priority is to achieve a 100% recovery. While in most cases this is hard to achieve, the logical thing to do is to use tools that get you as closer to your target as possible. The DataNumen Access Repair software stands out of its competition by providing a recovery rate that’s more than 6 times better than its closest rival. It also supports the recovery of all Access formats as well as the manipulation of the output files formats. These features make it the most reliable and efficient tool in its class.

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