What is Disk Imaging? Do You Need Disk Imaging Software?

Regularly backing up your hard drive is important in case of hard drive failure. Making regular backups allows ensures that you minimize the risk of data loss. Data imaging creates a back up of not just your important files but your hard drive itself allowing you to restore your entire system quickly and easily.

DataNumen Disk Image

Disk imaging is used to create a backup of your hard drive. Regularly backing up your hard drive is essential in order to prevent permanent data loss in case of hard drive failure.

What is a disk image?

A disk image is essentially a storage file that has all the data that was stored in a hard drive. In addition, a disk image copies and stores all information about your operating systems and programs.

Disk images are used to easily and quickly restore a hard drive and transfer the entire content of one hard drive to another. You can make and store a disk image on other external storage devices such as flash drives or DVDs, on another hard drive, or on online storage solutions.

Why should I create a disk image?

1. It is a quick way to restore your hard drive

Creating a disk image is basically backing up your hard drive so that you can quickly restore in incase of hard drive failure or if you lose your hard drive due to theft or even natural disasters.

When a disk image is created, a copy is made of everything that is on your hard drive. This is done by copying every sector of your hard drive so it captures a copy of all your files and data. This even includes your operating system and settings – including any changes you made or any programs and updates that you have installed.

In case of hard drive failure, all you need to do is pop a copy of your latest disk image on another computer and laptop and you can basically “restore” your old hard drive in a new device.

2. It restores more than just missing files

With a disk image you can reinstall your entire system, not just your files. So if you customized your old desktop or laptop, installed certain programs or customized specific settings, the disk image captures this and when you use it to reinstall your computer these changes and customizations will automatically be part of your restored system.

The fact that a disk image also captures your preferred settings allows you to recover from computer failure quicker.  A disk image captures changes made to the original OS and will automatically install them, so you don’t have to waste time reinstalling programs or reviewing settings. After the restoration is through, you can get right back to work.

The quickest and most convenient way to create a disk image is to use a disk imaging program. A good data imaging program to install on your computer to create regular images of your system would be DataNumen Disk Image.

DataNumen Disk Image clones your drive and allows you to easily and quickly restore your drive to ensure that any data loss you incur will only be temporary. It also allows you to clone or make multiple backups of your drives.

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