What Can DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery Tool Do for You

This article inspects how the DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery application works to restore PST files deleted from drives and highlights the reasons the tool is a good buy.

When shopping for an Outlook recovery tool, you’ll come across various options. Before investing in one, it’s wise to know what it can do for you. This helps you to invest in solutions that not only fix your problems but also add value to your business. The DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery software is among the best tools for recovering of PST files after deletion from drives, and here’s why:

DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery

What Does the Software Do?

This application recovers Outlook PST files deleted from storage drives. These could be hard drives on your local computer or external storage media such as flash disks, CDROMs, and floppy drives. It’s important to note that this is not a repair tool but a recovery software to get back PST files when you erase them from drives. This makes the application a valuable tool for conducting forensic investigations, especially where suspects delete PST files to conceal certain information.

Key Features

What makes this application stand out is that it is capable of recovering all versions of MS Outlook and can function on any Windows operating system. It also allows you to recover PST files with all associated features such as folders, attachments, calendars, embedded objects, and contacts. This ensures the recovery of all details in your files.

You can opt to recover your messages in a variety of formats such as plain text, HTML, or RTF. If your documents were password protected, this tool allows you to recover and access them. This tool works well with numerous types of drives irrespective of their file system. This flexibility gives data recovery experts the advantage of supporting many clients.

How To Use This Tool

To access this application, download the executable file from the company website and install it on your computer. If you are an enterprise user, buy a license to activate the software and launch it. Close other computer applications that are running on your computer as they affect the recovery software from working properly.

Select the ‘Recovery’ tab if you intend to recover a single file and the ‘Batch Recovery’ if you are working with multiple files. If you partitioned the source drive after deleting the target files, select the location where they were last saved. However, if this partition no longer exists, select the entire drive. Choose the file format if you know it, otherwise select the ‘Auto Determined’ option for both the source and fixed data format fields.

Choose where you want to save the recovered file and give it an appropriate name. Click the ‘Start Recovery’ button to start the recovery process. Once the process is completed, you will receive a pop-up message alerting you that the recovery was a success or not. Now you can open your files using MS Outlook.

Who Needs This Tool?

The DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery software is a powerful tool. Therefore, if you ever need to recover your Outlook PST files, then this tool will come in handy. Companies can also incorporate this tool as part of their data recovery plan to protect against data loss. Data recovery professionals need this tool to meet the diverse needs of clients in the market.

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