How to View Two Worksheets Side by Side in Your Excel

Sometimes you need to check values in two different worksheets. Here we will present a method to view two worksheets simultaneously.

The two worksheets may be in the same workbook or in two independent workbooks. You can view two sheets together by the method below.

View Two Worksheets in the Same Workbook

In this part, we use the worksheets in the same file as an example. You can see in the image below that we need to check the values in the two worksheets.An Example for View Two Worksheet

  1. Click the tab “View” in the ribbon.
  2. Next click the button “New Window”.Click New Window

Thus, a new Excel workbook will appear. Actually no new workbook will be created in your computer, even if there seems to be two files.A New Workbook

  1. Now click the button “View Side by Side”. Immediately the two workbooks will both appear in the interface.
  2. And then you can switch one worksheet into the sheet “DataNumen Excel Repair”.View Side by Side
  3. When you scroll the mouse wheel, the two worksheets will move together. Here the function “Synchronous Scrolling” is checked by default. If you don’t need this feature, you can also uncheck it in the toolbar.Synchronous Scrolling

Thus, you can check the two worksheets at the same time. This is really very convenient if you need to check values in two different sheets.

View Two Worksheets Different Workbooks

Suppose you need to check two worksheets in two different workbooks.Worksheets in Two Workbooks

Now you can also finish this task by the following steps.

  1. Open those two workbooks.
  2. And then click the tab “View” in the ribbon.
  3. Next click the button “View Side by Side”. Here when you scroll the mouse wheel, both worksheets will move together. Therefore, you can view the two worksheets in one screen.View Two Worksheets

Actually those steps are the same as the steps in the former part. The difference of the two conditions is that you need to create a new window if there is only one workbook.

Arrange Windows

Sometimes the two workbooks have the different sizes in the interface, which will cause inconvenience. Here you can only see two rows in the second worksheet.Different Size

To solve the problem, you may also follow the steps below.

  1. Click the button “Reset Window Position”. And then the position of the worksheets will immediately reset.Reset Window Position

You can see that the two worksheets take up the same size in the interface.Same Size

  1. Except for the button above, you can also click the button “Arrange All”.Arrange All
  2. In the new window, choose the option “Vertical”.
  3. And then click “OK”.Choose Vertical

Thus, the arrangement of the two workbooks will also change according to the setting.

New Arrangement

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