Consider Using an Outlook Password to Protect Your Data

With data thefts becoming increasingly common, protecting your Outlook system with a Outlook password is a must.

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Whether you use MS Outlook in office or in your room that you share with roommates or kids, using an Outlook password is one of the best ways to keep your Outlook data safe and secure. In fact, these days, almost every gadget or technical application needs a password for a smooth secured operation. Now, this password can be anything from a set of alphabets, numbers or a combination of both for better protection of your Outlook Data File, so that no unintentional hacking or intrusion by an unknown person or any person who has an access to your computer takes place in your absence. It is also to be noted that once you set the password, then whenever you start working on your Outlook file, a password asking prompt will appear on the screen to continue. Reading this article, you will get ample information on why we strongly recommend you to consider using a Password in MS Outlook to protect your crucial or private data.

We also recommend you to change the password you set on a periodic basis for better protection of your Outlook data, as a password set once can be leaked or guessed by someone at some point of time, so changing time to time makes it difficult for another person to access your Outlook data. In order to Change the Outlook password, you first need to go to the File Option and then to the Account Settings. After this choose the Data Files Option and pick the .pst or Outlook Data File for which you wish to generate a password followed by clicking Settings. Once, this is done, proceed to the option of Change Password and once the dialog box appears, pick the option of New Password followed by Verify Password and simply type in your new password that could be anything up to 15 characters but remember that the Outlook password you create is case sensitive. You can generate strong passwords by using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers for a better password protection of your Outlook data file. Don’t forget to click on OK to set your password at the end.

One of the most common problems faced by Outlook users who create password for protection at some point of time is that they forget their password, so the best option in that situation is to Reset Your Password. For this, you will be first asked the reason for resetting your password and click Next. After this, just enter the Email Id that you mentioned while generating your Microsoft account. Your next step would be to enter the set of characters that appear on the screen followed by clicking on Next. In case, you have added a security info with your account then, you will be prompted with a One Time Password or Code on your alternate mobile number or email ID. After this entering that code on the screen, you will be directed to generate a new password for your Outlook file.

An Outlook Password can’t protect your data from a PST crash

While Outlook passwords can keep your data safe from prying eyes, it cannot protect it from PST crashes. To save your data from a deliberating PST crash, you would need an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which is equipped to handle an array of storage mediums and large PST files.  The application is designed to recover every possible data element that you have stored in Ms Outlook and offers the best recovery rate amongst its peers.

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