Using Outlook and Google Calendar together in a Small Business Environment

Using Outlook and Google Calendar together in a small business environment can give you the best of the two worlds.

Using Outlook and Google Calendar together in a Small Business Environment

As a corporate Outlook user, you are likely to love the Outlook calendar as it is extremely easy to use and you can create shared calendars as per your need. However for small businesses that do not have the Exchange server running on background, the collaborative feature of Outlook calendar does not come into play. Since investing in the Exchange server can be costly, you can try using the Google calendar along with the Outlook calendar. Let’s look at how you can work in a team environment by using the best features of these two platforms.

Working with Outlook and Google calendars together

In a small business environment, the owner or the manager ideally should use the Outlook calendar in his desktop to schedule his work. Now he should ask his staff members to use the Google calendar and even create a shared calendar on to which he too has access. The schedules for the team should be decided by the manager and stored in the Outlook calendar. Task lists can be made and deliverables planned and entered in the Outlook calendar. Next the manger should export the Outlook calendar and then email the .ics file to his staff members. Individual employees can then import the file into their Google calendars or update the shared calendar and keep themselves abreast of the schedules.

Include a Google Calendar Snapshot directly into Outlook

As advised earlier, the manager or the owner in a small business setup should also create a Google calendar account and have access to the common shared calendar for the office. Now if he wants he can view a snapshot of the calendar right out of the Outlook application by using the internet calendar subscription option. To do so first you need to sign into the Google calendar platform and generate the iCal URL for the shared calendar. Once you have copied the URL, perform the steps listed below to integrate it Outlook.

1. Launch the Ms Outlook application
2. Click on File tab and then click on Account Settings and then head to Internet calendar
3. Next click on New and add the URL copied before
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Keep an Eye on Erratic Performance Issues in Ms Outlook

Normally the Outlook client can run like a dream and is highly responsive. However if you visualize a fall in its performance or if it has started to give out error messages, all too often, you may be heading for a PST crash. Over the course of time, the Outlook Inbox can get bloated and start to behave erratically and even cause a PST crash. Hence users need to remain prepared for such a scenario by procuring an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can get you all the data that you stored in the Outlook application without breaking a sweat. Further it can initiate a recovery process from virtual machine disk or a flash drive with equal finesse. The application also has the prowess to draw out data stored in a compromised PST file located on a network drive.

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