How to Use the Replace Feature to Change Your Cell Formats in Batch

There are many features in Excel. And some of them do favor to our work with simple steps. And we find such a substitute function contained in the Replace feature.

Usually, you will use the Replace feature to find and replace some certain elements. And here is a sample of using the Replace feature to change cell formats. And in the image below, you can see many scores of students.An Example of Scores

And you need to select all “A” of those scores and change the format to highlight the good scores. But if you change them one by one, or use the Format Painter, it will be time consuming. So here you can use the Replace feature.

Steps of Changing Cell Formats

  1. Selected the target area. And in this example, you need to select B2:I13.
  2. And then press the shortcut key “Ctrl + F”. And then the “Find and Replace” window will show up.
  3. Click the option of “Replace”.Click the Replace Option
  4. In the text box of “Find what”, input the target capital letter “A”. And in the text box of “Replace with”, also input the capital letter “A”.
  5. Click the button of “Options”.Click the Button of Options

And then more advances options will appear in the window.

  1. And then check the option of “Match case”.Check the Match Case
  2. Click the second button of “Format”. And then a new window will pop up.
  3. Choose the “Font” option. And in this interface, you can set the format as you like.Set the Content Format
  4. And then click “OK”. And you will come back to the “Find and Replace” window.Click OK After Setting Format
  5. And then click the button of “Replace All” in the “Find and Replace” window.
  6. After that, you will see a new dialog box. And it will show the number of the replacements.Click Replace All
  7. Then click the “OK” in the dialog box.
  8. Then close the “Find and Replace” window. And now you will see that all the “A” change the format.All Elements Change Format

And this is very convenient if you use the Replace feature to change the format of cells with same elements. And you don’t need to check one by one and worry about missing one cell.

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