How to Use the Format Painter in Excel

Excel has the ability of editing words and dealing with information. It provides special features to quicken our work process. And today we will introduce the Excel tips of the Format Painter.

In your work, you are sure to enter a lot of data inside Excel. Among so many figures, you need to highlight some key elements. Here are the Excel tips on using the “Format Painter” to work.

In this picture, you can see many scores of different students.A Sample of Worksheet

You need to bold and mark red of the failed number. Meanwhile, you have to color the background of cells of the data which is higher than or equal to 90. If you format those numbers one by one, you need to spend a long time. And now it is the time for you to use “Format Painter”.

Single Click the “Format Painter” Tool

For this tip, we will use the failed scores as the example. Single-click is suitable for handling small amounts of data. And you can see that only two numbers are below 60. So we use the tip of single-click.

  1. Set the format of one of the numbers.
  2. Select the cell.         Set the Format of a Failed Score
  3. In the Clipboard, click the button of “Format Painter”. After clicking, you will find that the pointer changes into a paintbrush.The Button of Format Painter
  4. Click the cell of another failed score. Then the format of the other number also changes.Change Another Failed Score

If you set one by one, you might forget any of the requirements, such as to bold the second number. The format of the two numbers is the same through the “Format Painter”.

Double Click the “Format Painter” Tool

In this step, you have to deal with the data which is higher than or equal to 90. And you need to deal with more numbers, double-click can be very helpful.

  1. Set the format of one of the numbers.
  2. Select the cell.       Set the Format of a Good Score

The above two steps are the same as the previous tip.

  1. In the Clipboard, double click the button of “Format Painter”.
  2. Click the cell of other cells.

Since you double click the “Format Painter”, you can click on the target cell one after another.Click Other Cells

  1. After clicking all the target cells, click the button of “Format Painter”.

This step can also be replaced by pressing the “Esc” on the keyboard. If you forget this step, and click other cells directly, those cells would also change the format.

After all the steps are completed, you will find that all the target figures are marked. And in using Excel, you will inevitably meet with Excel corruption. It’s a good idea for you to prepare the Excel recovery software. The software can save your data promptly.

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