Use Antivirus software with Ms Outlook for better protection against malicious email payloads

Despite the standard security measures included in Ms Outlook, it is advisable to use antivirus application for maximum security against malicious email content.

Use Antivirus software with Ms Outlook for better protection against malicious email payloads

No matter how proficient you are in working with computers, your system can still be vulnerable to the malicious viruses and the only solution to combat this problem is a good Antivirus Software. We are here to enlighten you with how an Antivirus Software can be used with MS Outlook for better protection to keep you a safe while working with your email client.
There are different ways through which virus can enter your computer and the most common ways is through emails. Although, some viruses only create a little disturbance like they can decrease the speed of your computer, and there are some virus that can completely destroy your computer and all the work saved in it. If you use MS Outlook, then Microsoft strongly recommends you to install an antivirus software for better protection.
When it comes to choose antivirus software, chances are high that you may get duped, as there are a couple of fake antivirus software available on the net for free. People usually get deluded to install them firstly, because they are free, secondly, because such software advertize a lot for protection through alarms. The best way to choose an antivirus software is to get it from the popular brands. While choosing an antivirus application, keep the following points from the perspective of Outlook usage.
1. Email Scanning: This is a basic feature that your antivirus software must have. Essentially it would check every email before it goes into your mailbox and flags suspicious messages. Some application even check your outgoing messages and allow you to append a signature for an outgoing message that the message is scanned and safe.
2. Junk Filtering: This feature provides advanced protection against junk mails and viruses using the likes of Bayesian filtering technology that can detect 99% of the junk emails.
3. Phishing Blockers: This feature is useful in blocking phishing links contained in an email body.

One must also note that some antivirus applications may conflict with the Outlook application and cause errors. In case you notice such an issue with your antivirus application, contact its developer immediately for a workaround. Even if you disable email scanning, the real time protection feature available with any leading antivirus should offer reasonable protection against most threats.
To sum it up, it won’t be wrong to state that nothing can replace the efficiency of an antivirus software, when it comes to the security of your computer. If you rely on the free to use antivirus software then you have no one to question about its assurance but if you get a paid one, you can definitely ask people behind that particular paid antivirus software to tackle any problem that you may face. However if you are still keen on a free application, we suggest you go for Microsoft Security Essentials.
Apart from viruses, you need to keep an eye on PST errors while using Ms Outlook
A PST crash can simply place your data at risk. In case you are unable to recover your data, you may just loose access to your important emails forever. To avoid a data loss scenario, make it a point to keep an Outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair application around. The tool is designed to bring back all data stored in the application in brief span of time. Moreover if you are unable to locate a compromised PST file via a normal system search, this application can discover the PST file for you with effortless ease.
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