Understand How Protected View secures you from Suspicious Attachments

The Ms Outlook client has a huge user base and its large audience often makes it a favorite target for hackers. A number of viruses over the years have been designed to exploit the Ms Outlook application and most of them spread through compromised attachments. Given the susceptibility of Outlook and other Ms Office applications to malicious attachments, Microsoft introduced the Protected View feature that typically opens attachment files received from un-trusted sources in a restricted read only view.



Protected View – A Primer

In protected view, any document which is considered to have originated from an un-trusted source is opened without any editing capabilities. In other words you can view the contents in read only mode without associated risks. Sometimes you are likely to receive a warning message like “Office has detected a problem with the file.” while opening a file in protected view. It makes sense for you to read the message and decide if you wish to open the file or not.

At times when you are sure about a file you can open it for editing by simply clicking on Enable Editing in the Message Bar in Outlook. It is possible for you to change the settings associated with protected view in Ms Office by visiting the Trust Center. For example if you want, you can disable protected view for Ms Outlook attachments, however such an action is not recommended at all. Similarly if you are carrying sensitive data in your system, you can choose to enforce protected view on every file that you download from the World Wide Web, so as to minimize chances of virus intrusion.


Despite Protected View you need to keep email scanning on in your Antivirus tool

While protected view goes a long way in protecting your system from malicious attachments, it by itself is not full proof. Hence to completely avoid viruses and other malware from entering your system through email attachments, you need to turn on email scanning in your antivirus application. Moreover you should regularly update your antivirus tool and regularly apply Windows security updates.


Outlook is prone to tricky errors which can mess up your data any moment

The Ms Outlook client is often bogged down by errors that seem to creep up without any warning. While most of the error messages that you receive are likely to be harmless, some of them can be rather tricky. For example PST errors can literally mess up your data and leave you without access to your emails. Hence if you are using Outlook for business, make it a point to keep a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair handy. Powered by a sophisticated algorithm that bring back every single data element stored in the Outlook PST file, this application also proves its worth in breaking down a large PST file into smaller parts. Further the tool can also be used to trace out PST files if they do not come up at their typical places in a normal search.


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