Type of Application that you can create to work with Ms Access

The flexibilityAp_icon ingrained in Ms Access database application lends itself beautifully to be used for several purposes. You can build different kinds of applications that harness the advantages of Ms Access and these may range from mundane personal applications to organization wide applications that support nearly hundred concurrent users. The Access application which ships with the Ms Office suite comes with a form designer and wizards that can be used by nearly anyone and without any effort. Let’s at some of the application types that can be built around Ms Access.


A Whole Array of Personal Applications

A busy professional may need an application to manage his business contacts and store sensitive data. Using the Ms Access application he can design a program using the Wizard feature available in Access. From applications designed to generate custom reports to ones looking to manage schedules, a whole array of personal applications can be build around Access.


Applications for Small Firms

Small businesses tend to be the primary users of the Ms Access application. Over the years, small businesses across the world have created custom applications that used Access in the backend and have served their purpose wonderfully.  From application created to record data to ones created for billing and customer management, there is simply no limit to what you can achieve around Access. Ideally small business owners should take the help of a professional programmer to create an application that would meet their needs.


Line of Business Applications

Since businesses are always looking to grow, there would come a time when a small business would start to expand. When the moment comes, the need to create line of business applications that require concurrent access for multiple people would crop up. Access can be used as backend for hosting LOB applications ranging from customer support apps to large scale data entry applications which run from different terminals. With the help of a professional programmer a scalable Access app that harnesses the power of client server architecture can be created at a very affordable cost.


Keep an Eye on the Ms Access Database Size

The Ms Access Database has a typical limitation of 2GB for most of its iterations. However it is always ideal to keep the size to lower than one GB to avoid data corruption issues. Now if your Access database is being used by concurrent users then it is always advisable to keep backing up your data. Moreover if you encounter an Ms Access crash you should immediately use an access repair tool like DataNumen Access Repair to retrieve the lost data in quick time. This state of the art recovery utility is designed to extract data from compromised MDB files while maintaining complete integrity. Further it can bring out data from encrypted Access files and can even find missing MDB files which do not appear in their normal place.


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