Tips to Work with the People Pane in MS Outlook 2013

Remain Connected with all your contacts using the People Pane in Outlook 2013

Tips to Work with the People Pane in MS Outlook 2013

Have you joined the social media bandwagon? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the addiction of social networking sites including FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Now, you can easily hook up to your favorite and most popular social media sites from right within MS Outlook 2013. Thanks to the new People Pane Feature that gives you the power to stay connected socially in the online world within the premises of your office. In this article you will learn about some tips to work with People Pane in Outlook.

People Pane, also known as, the Outlook Social Connector, is displayed in the form a single line right at the bottom of your Reading Pane. This smart feature lets you stay in touch with all your social media contacts on sites like FaceBook and LinkedIn without you needing to leave Outlook and sign in separately to these sites. To turn on People Pane, all you need is to go to the View Tab and then select the People Pane. After this choose the Account Settings and simply tick the check boxes adjacent to the social media site accounts you wish to hook up with. You will then, need to add the relevant information and finally click on Finish.

In case, you find it difficult to see the People Pane Feature in MS Outlook, then try out these useful tips. You can easily turn on the Reading Pane by clicking on the View Tab and then choosing the Reading Pane and simply clicking the Right or Bottom Option. On the other hand, you can easily turn on the People Pane by again clicking on the View Tab, then choosing the People Pane and selecting the Normal or Minimize Option.

The biggest drawback of People Pane is that is takes up a large amount of useful space of Outlook Display but Microsoft has a solution for this too. You can easily minimize or turn it off if you want to get rid of it. For this you simply need to go to the View Tab from the Main Ribbon and choose the People Pane and under the People Pane Group, you will see three display options. Firstly, there is a Normal Display Option to display expandable People Pane right at the bottom of the Reading Pane. Secondly, there is the Minimized Display Option to display the People Pane in a minimized way or a collapsed form again at the bottom of the Reading Pane. Thirdly, there is an option to Turn Off the People Pane that simply disables this feature in Outlook.

However, bear in mind that like many other interesting features of MS Outlook 2013, People Pane also works perfectly only when your Outlook account is linked with an MS Exchange Server. Moreover, it will work properly only if your organization provides access to social networking sites because in case there is a firewall preventing the employees to access social networking sites, you will not be able to make use of the People Pane Feature.

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