There is a lot about Tasks in Ms Outlook that you can explore

There is so much you can do with Tasks in Ms Outlook if you just exploit it smartly

There is a lot about Tasks in Ms Outlook that you can explore

Even if you are one of the most disorganized and busiest persons on the earth, MS Outlook Tasks helps you organize and sort your professional life in a big way. The real challenge is not to create Tasks in Outlook but to use them smartly and there is not one but many ways to do so. Since, we have already covered how to create Tasks in Outlook in one of our earlier articles, so this time we will focus on sharing some useful tips to make the most out of Tasks in Outlook. From prioritizing to simplifying, we will acquaint you will every required tip to use the Tasks in the best possible way.

The first tip to use the Outlook Tasks more efficiently is by attaching files to it. Yes, why not attach every minute research document or file with that particular task in Outlook to focus in a better way, every time you access that task? This way, you not only save a lot of time but also will be able to complete that task more efficiently. In order to Attach a File to a Task, you just need to open the Task Window and then Select the Insert Tab and choose the Attach File Option. Then, choose the file you wish to attach from the Dialog Box of Insert File. Just double click to open that file.

A smart way to make the most out of your Outlook Tasks is by Assigning Tasks to Others. Yes, you are free to assign tasks to your colleagues or team. Remember, when you assign a particular task to someone, it will be send as an Email Message. The choice however, will lie in the hand of the recipient to either reject or accept that task. In order to assign a task to a colleague, you just need to open the Task Tab and pick the option of Assign Task and Mention the Person’s Name to whom you wish to assign the task. Make sure, to tick the check box mentioning Keep An Updated Copy Of This Task on My List.

It might happen that you have already created a Task in Outlook but you forget to see it, then in that case it is important to make your Task Icon Easily Accessible. For this, simply do a Right Click on the Tasks Icon right at the bottom side of the Navigation Pane. After this pick the Move Up Button from the Options to make the Tasks appear just above the contacts to make them more easily accessible.

Apart from the above mentioned tips to use the Tasks Feature in Outlook, you may even prioritize them. However, setting priorities and deadlines for different tasks will be a bit time consuming, so it is advisable to use the Visual Method or a List Method to make your Tasks more productive.

Recovering data stored in Contacts and Tasks after a PST crash

In case of an Outlook crash it is very crucial to immediately get hold of a tool that not only recovers your emails but can also get back all other data elements like stored tasks and journal entries. One of the best Outlook recovery tool today you can find in the market is DataNumen Outlook Repair application which has a fabulous recovery rate. The application can handle PST files stored on a virtual drive with the same ease it can recover data from a PST file stored on an optical media disc.

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