The Importance of Data Recovery

Data loss is a common problem that can be easily solved by data recovery programs. Having a data recovery program on your computer can prevent data loss for various cases.

Computers are not foolproof. Data stored on your hard drive or even in your external storage devices such as flash drives may be corrupted, damaged, or lost.

DataNumen Data Recovery

To prevent this, it’s wise to invest in some data recovery software in advance. Data recovery allows you to retrieve your data from a damaged storage device, or fix errors or corruptions in files and documents.

How Does Data Loss Happen?

There are two reasons why data loss occurs.

Logical Failure

The first reason for data loss is a logical failure. A logical failure happens when you lose access to files because you’ve lost the file references that tell your device where the files are stored.

Logical failures occur when your drive’s file systems are corrupted, when a temporary storage folder was emptied, or when your drive was reformatted. An OS failure can also lead to logical failure.

Logical failures are relatively easy to fix as the data in the drive is mostly intact, you just can’t reach it. Your best course of action is to stop using the drive first – so you don’t overwrite the data – and then run a data recovery program.

Physical Failure

A physical failure occurs when a storage disk can no longer be detected. This can occur due to damaged components or damaged areas in the device’s storage space. It can also occur if you have connectivity issues.

Physical damage, such as the device is exposed to fire or liquid, or an electrical surge, can cause a physical failure in its storage drive.

Data loss due to physical damage can be difficult to repair, because this is often connected to mechanical failures in the hard drive which will require opening it up and possibly replacing damaged parts. In this case, you’re better off bringing the device to an expert data recovery service.  Luckily, unless you’re extremely accident prone, physical damage leading to data loss is relatively easy to avoid.

When can I Use Data Recovery Programs?

Data recovery software can help you retrieve data from a device that has suffered data loss due to logical or physical failures.

Data recovery software scans the device’s storage drive to locate the missing data and then allows you to save that data in another storage destination so that you can get access to it again.

Common problems that data recovery software can fix are corrupt files (Word, Excel, Zip), corrupt Access databases, and corrupted or damaged file systems.

What Kind of Data Recovery Software will I Need?

Depending on what you use your device for, and what operating system it runs, it makes sense to have data recovery software on your computer.

If you mostly use your device for word processing or for Excel spreadsheets, you should probably get a data repair program that specializes in recovering those types of files.

DataNumen Word Repair

For example, DataNumen has Word Repair and Excel Repair software that specialize on recovering corrupt or damaged Word files and Excel files. With these on your device, you will never have to worry about losing valuable information from these programs. However, if you use many different programs, you might prefer data repair software that can handle a wider variety of files. DataNumen Office Repair is a good, all-round set of data recovery programs. It performs data recovery for Microsoft Office applications, so it can recover lost Word and Excel files as well as repair data loss in Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

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