The Cost Effective MS Outlook Repair Program

捕获The first thing someone looks into when searching for any software is whether it’s effective or not. The same applies for Microsoft Office Outlook repair utilities. After establishing the program’s ability to deliver the required results, the issue of affordability creeps in. As a user, you would definitely consider how much it costs to acquire a given Outlook recovery tool and how comprehensive it is.

Why cost? The issue of cost against how expanded the solutions offered by the software is paramount. In as much as some two application programs would cost the same, if one offers more functions, it becomes the better choice, particularly if acquiring such functions with the other program requires extra payments. Is there such repair tool? What are some of its functions and how comprehensive is it?



Yes, there is, and it’s called DataNumen. DataNumen carries out PST recovery through the usage of advanced technologies, scanning the corrupted files and recovering email messages, contacts, calendars, and so on.

This software works around all the common errors that home users and business people encounter with Outlook. For example, this software enables you to access pst files even where they have been secured with high encryptions. In addition, it also recovers the accidental deletions and the PST files which exceed the file size limitation. Using this software and recovering the files is a task everyone can do whenever they want, as it does not require special knowledge or technical skills. It has a user-friendly interface, and it includes several extra features that you can use to make your data secure. Its ability to recover messages plus the email attachments is quite an adorable ability. Embedded objects are also easily restored. 

The usage of DataNumen Outlook Repair enables the user to split the PST files into its subsequent smaller files. The plus point to this feature is that the damaged files need not consume space in the hard drive, because the software makes use of other storage devices like CD-ROM, and other removable media. One can also make use of Outlook Repair in command-line mode.

This software supports the Outlook version of 97 to 2013, and recovers details like subject, recipient, sender, bcc, cc, and date. Not only are the messages recovered, but various formats are supported, which makes it easier for the users. Even the password-protected PST files can be recovered, whether they are highly compressed or encrypted. The files can also be converted from PST files to Outlook format and vice versa. It does not matter if the media is corrupted like Zip disk or a CD-ROM, the PST file stored on it can also be repaired. PST files can be restored in batch or the user can choose which ones to recover. This software supports the integration with Explorer, and works well on systems with specifications of at least 16MB RAM, 12MB free hard drive, and supports all versions of windows.

Considering all its wonderful features and its affordable price, many users have preferred it over other MS Outlook tools.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information, visit

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