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How to Create a Catalog in Your Excel via Hyperlinks

Due to the ability of processing thousands of data, Excel has become the first choice of most of the companies. Thus, today we have the Excel tips of creating a catalog by inserting hyperlinks into a worksheet. In your work, you are likely to meet with many worksheets with the same attributes. For instance, here is an Excel file about student scores of different classes. And there are many worksheets. So you can try adding a new worksheet and insert hyperlinks into it. Thus, you...

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Why Not Use AutoCorrect to Insert Specific Hyperlinks?

If you constantly insert specific hyperlinks to selected words, you are better off using AutoCorrect to improve work efficiency. In daily work, I am frequently required to insert hyperlinks to several specific words. For instance, every time when I type in my company’s name, I need to insert my company’s official website URL. I used to click “Hyperlinks” button to insert the website URL. But it is so annoying that I always have to do repeating works. I really hope that Outlook can...

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2 Easy Ways to Attach Folders to Emails as Hyperlinks

When adding folders directly to emails, we will receive an alert that a folder cannot be attached. In fact, we can attach them as hyperlinks. I have ever attempted to add a folder to an email message in Outlook, but failed. In normal situation, we are seldom required to attach a folder. Besides, Outlook permits the compressed files in .zip or .rar format attached to message. Thus we could compress the folder by Winzip or other compression tools. Then attach the compressed files to email....

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