How to Start Page Numbering from a Specific Page in Your Word

There may be times when you want to start page numbering later in your Word document. Follow the method in this article if you want the actual page numbers to start later.

By default, Word starts page numbers on the first page of the document. However, in some cases, if the first page is a cover page, and the second page is a table of contents or contains some preliminary information, then these pages shouldn’t be labeled. Fortunately, Word gives you quite a lot of flexibility in inserting page numbers. With just a few clicks, you can set Word to start page numbering later. Following this article, you can complete this task in just a few simple steps.

Insert Page Numbers Starting from a Specific Page

To start page numbers later in a document, you first need to divide the document into sections and then unlink them. So that you can change the way in which pages are numbered in the previous section. In this part, we will take it as an example to start page numbers from page 3.

  1. On the “Page Layout” tab, click “Breaks”, in the “Page Setup” group.Click “Breaks” in the “Page Setup” group
  2. Select “Next page” under “Section Breaks”, and then the cursor will move to the next page automatically.Select “Next page” under “Section Breaks”
  3. Double click at the footer of page 3 to start editing. Under the “Design” page, click “Link to Previous” to deselect it.Click “Link to Previous” to deselect it
  4. On the “Insert” tab, click on “Page number” drop down arrow, and then select “Format Page Numbers”.Select “Format Page Numbers”
  5. In the “Format Page Numbers” dialog box, click “Start at” button and select “1”. And then click “OK”.Click “Start at” button and select “1”
  6. On the “Insert” tab, click “Page number” drop down arrow, and then select “Bottom of Page”, if you want to insert page numbers at the bottom of the pages. Then you can select a pre-defined page number in the list, for example, we choose “Plain Number 2”.Select “Bottom of Page”
  7. Lastly, double click at the header or footer again to stop editing. In this way, we have set up Word to start page numbers on third page.

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