SQL Server Express Edition – Key Takeaways for Small Businesses

The SQL Server sqlServerExpress2012_640x360px_AExpress edition serves as the stepping stone for a small business looking to use a professional database solution to manage its business data. It has a whole array of features that offer the key building blocks for a robust backend and can be used on a production server of decent workload with ease. The best part about this application is that it is available for free and thus you can experiment with it without burning a hole in your pocket. Let’s look at some of the key takeaways for small businesses can extract from the SQL Server Express edition.


Easy to Install and Use

Getting on with the SQL Server Express edition is rather easy. You can choose typical default settings while installing the application and get it running without much of a hassle. Moreover administering database is quite simple and there is a lot of reference material available on Microsoft’s support site to guide you through any challenges that you may experience.


Powerful Enough for Most Small Firms

While the Express edition is limited, it does support memory of up to 1 GB and a database size of 10GB. This is enough to serve the needs of a small firm or even an independent department in a mid tier firm. Moreover it can easily be configured for remote access and users from different locations can access the same database.


Potent SQL Features that set the benchmark for future growth

The SQL Server Express edition despite its limitations has potent SQL features that serve as a platform for organizing your data. You can create the genesis of your long term database structure and design powerful applications around it. T-SQL allows you a great deal of flexibility which is typically not present in desktop databases.


Comes Handy when you feel the need to upgrade

Growth is a virtue that any business wishes to obtain. Now when your business grows you can simply jump to an enterprise SQL Server license without the need to migrate data structures. With a fair number of SQL Server technicians readily available, the upgrade process can be achieved in a short span time.


A SQL Recovery tool is a must while using the SQL Server Express edition

The SQL Server express edition does not have the full set of business continuity and recovery features that are part of the enterprise edition. So in case you experience a crash, it becomes more difficult for you to get back your data in quick time. Thus a specialized  sql recovery tool like the sophisticated DataNumen SQL Recovery is recommended for any company that is using the SQL Server express edition. The tool can save your data in situations where other tools literally give up and it can handle NDF files too. Now if you have ever accidently deleted a record in the SQL Server Express edition, the tool can get it back within minutes. Moreover the tool comes handy whenever you have to recover data from a virtualized disk drive or a removable media or a solid state disk.


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