SQL Server 2016 can drastically improve your Real-Time Analytics Capabilities

In this article we give a quick overview of real time analytic capabilities present in the SQL Server 2016 edition.

Real-Time Analytics Capabilities In SQL Server 2016The SQL Server 2016 edition boasts of an array of exciting features. Out of the new features, the most promising feature to look forward in SQL Server 2016 is its Real-Time Analytics Capabilities. In other words, Microsoft has aimed to provide a mission critical performance to help the users achieve better insights across data and for its hyperscale cloud capabilities. On top of it, SQL 2016 comes with more in-memory enhancements and other advanced analytics capabilities

Now, let us look closely at the new features brought out in SQL Server 2016 that can drastically improve the real time analytics capabilities. To start with it this new edition of SQL offers features like PolyBase, Always Encrypted, Dynamic Data Masking, Query Data Store, Stretch Databases, Row Level Security, Query Data Store and Native JSON Support. Out of these listed features, the most amazing feature is its Stretch Databases that provides enhanced backups along with migration processes to the cloud. This particular feature enables the user to avail cloud replicas and improved consistency while working on premises, Azure SQL Database and Azure Virtual Machines in an SQL server.

Other interesting enhancements that will help improve the real-time analytics through SQL Server 2016 are like the various data security upgrades and the improved ability to get real time insights on different operational data. Apart from it there are greater compliance and encryption using the row level security feature and much more ability to process data in the cloud as well as on the premises. Then, there is the feature called Always On that provides more availability for load balancing and more automation.

On the other hand, SQL 2016 also boasts of enhanced caching of database along with an improved Windows Server Support. Moreover, the existing features like In-Memory OLTP and AlwaysOn Availability Groups have been improvised for better performance. The most exciting feature to look forward in this latest SQL edition is its new R Language for better data analysis. R Language or the Revolution Analytics Language helps preventing the users to export the data in order to run a particular analysis in R.

In addition, SQL Server 2016 offers the PolyBase Technology that helps the users in structuring the queries and unstructured data using the simple T-SQL, which is an extension of SQL. This is not all, the users can be assured of an improved real- time analytics with the BI on different mobile devices offering a better end to end built in mobile BI solution along with big data solutions that needs data that can be combined with the non-related data. All this along with OLTP or online transaction processing can help gain performance and simplified management the user need on a data platform backed up with a comprehensive support for a real time analytics.

The SQL Server 2016 is hardly error free and consistency errors are amongst common ones

The sophisticated 2016 edition of SQL Server is probably amongst the best software in its class. Yet it is hardly free from errors and consistency errors are common. To deal with such errors you need to use a sql server recovery software like the DataNumen SQL Recovery application. This powerful tool can help you negotiate consistency errors and I/O errors with ease. The tool can effortlessly recover data from a corrupted SQL file located on a virtual drive or a nero image drive.

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