SQL Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

Every database administrator knows how important it is to have a fast and efficient backup plan in case of file loss or corruption. Many businesses and other services rely on their database to supply information to their consumers and personnel, and so data loss and corruption issues must be handled quickly. If you are looking into strategies for data loss prevention, check out these commonly asked questions regarding sql recovery:

How do MDF files become corrupted?

MDF files become corrupted and damaged most often because of a hardware failure or server crash. This is one of the most common issues with SQL database data loss. Other causes can include improper computer shutdown, viruses, internet connection loss, and improper updates. You can also have problems if you save a file incorrectly. Such simple actions can cause huge, complicated problems with these large and unique types of files. When you cannot access MDF files, you can lose data and deal with an offline database. This is why it is critical to have a strategy to recover and repair lost and damaged files.


How do you recover MDF files?

A database administrator can use software to recover sql. Start Datanumen’s SQL recovery software after shutting down other programs that may affect sql recovery. Select the files you wish to recover using easy function options such as drag and drop, browse, or input. Start the repair and you will see a progress bar as the software scans and repairs the selected files. Repaired files will be saved with “fixed” in the name. You can open these files with WinMDF or other MDF utilities.

Why do you need more than a standard backup?

Backups are a common data loss prevention strategy, but are not always sufficient for retrieving data. You could still experience loss or corruption of data. One of the major reasons is media failure. Often times a server may have trouble accessing a backup disk. Human error is also a common reason. A tape may have been improperly stored or transported, only partial data may have been backed up, or perhaps only incremental backups have been utilized. When only using incremental backups, if data loss or corruption occurs, every incremental backup must be loaded. This increases the chances of corruption or other problems and can take a long time. Other reasons you may have trouble with a standard backup include a network or hardware failure.

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