If you are a small to midsize firm you can use the SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition to meet your Business Intelligence Needs

In the 2016 standard edition of SQL Server, BI functions are available which would suffice for most small to medium sized firms

2016 Standard Edition Meet NeedsThe much awaited SQL Server 2016 Edition is out and is considered to be a big leap in the Microsoft database platform. The good news is that the 2016 version of SQL comprises of not one but many editions like the Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Express Edition and the Developer Edition. In case, you own a small to midsize firm you can trust the SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition to meet your Business Intelligence needs. Featuring many built-in analytics and advanced security technology and rich visualization on mobile devices, this new SQL Server Standard 2016 Edition is worth a try for better business performance.

Earlier SQL came in 6 editions including, the Developer edition, Business Intelligence Edition, Express Edition, Web Edition, Standard Edition and an Enterprise Edition, but this time only 4 editions are updated in the 2016 version. Earlier, the Express, Developer and the Web editions were used for certain workloads and the BI, Enterprise and Standard editions were for business intelligence tasks. This time, the standard edition itself is capable of providing the BI features especially the tabular mode support.

Try out the Standard Edition that caters to all your business needs with its core data management and business intelligence capabilities both for minimal IT resources and non critical workloads. Using this edition will help boost your business by providing end to end easily accessible mobile BI on all the popular platforms. With its enhanced direct query feature, this edition offers advances data mining along with advanced tabular options. This is not all; you can trust this updated edition for all a rich web portal experience and can avail all the important reports at one place.

Featuring multi dimensional models, the new SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition also offers the mid to small business owners the smart in-memory analytics. Apart from it, you get to fetch modernized reports and pin reports to Power Business Intelligence in this edition of SQL. 24 cores are the maximum number of cores that can be worked upon using this latest standard edition and 128GB is the maximum memory that is utilized per instance for a maximum size of 524PB.

Unfortunately, like all editions, the standard edition too comes with some limitations such as the only up to 16GB space in tabular mode and 64GB in the MOLAP form. The in-memory technology used in the tabular mode is although restricted but is sufficient to serve the purpose and needs of a small or medium sized business without any hassles.

The much vaunted SQL Server 2016 is hardly immune to crashes

While the 2016 edition is way ahead of its predecessors in its feature set, it too can still crash. To avoid a situation where your data becomes inaccessible, procure a sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery application to serve as a failsafe. When you encounter a crash, just run this powerful recovery tool to get back all your data within minutes. This tool can also be used in batch mode to repair several compromised MDF files in one go.

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