Why Small Businesses Need a Database Management System like SQL Server

In this article we look at the fundamental question of Small Businesses asking themselves the relevance of a Database system in their organization. We would also look at the possibility SQL Server playing the role of an entry level RDBMS solution for small firms.

Why Small Business Need A DatabaseBusinesses no matter big or small are now excelling way better than they used to with the help of database management systems. DBMS or the Database Management Systems have eliminated the use of multiple data files or spreadsheets to a great extent by not just keeping all the crucial business related data handy but safe in the form of a database. Earlier, the scene was quite hectic, when as an employee you had to go through a bunch of data files or even papers to look out for a particular document to get a client’s information.

For those of you who are still not aware of what exactly is meant by a database management system, here is a detailed description. Call it DBMS or Database Management System, it is a storehouse of information and data from where you as a user can retrieve and use it anytime without wasting much of your precious time. The best part about these systems is that they also enable you to at once go through the previous records as well when need be to calculate and compare the business records. On top of it, these database management systems help organizing professional tasks; this is not all, using such databases you can decrease the error level in your professional tasks, as retrieving the lost data is also possible in case of a network failure.

These days, DBMS are also coming in free editions and you just need to get these programs installed in your system and use them without running up a huge bill. The SQL Server Lite edition is specifically created for small business and is free up to a certain database size. Moreover installing it in your office can be cakewalk which can achieve by just following the instructions given on Microsoft’s site. With this free version you can quickly deploy web based applications that can handle different data types. It even gives you the flexibility to develop location aware solutions with ease. Those owing a small business can actually benefit a lot using DBMS like SQL Server by not just keeping their data safe but also secure from competitors. In fact, you can actually double up your work productivity using the DBMS with SQL server support; however, make sure to appoint only certified Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professionals to manage these databases for your small business.

If you are running multiple instances of SQL Server; it is imperative to keep a recovery tool handy

In many companies multiple instances of SQL Server are found. In fact some small businesses run several instances of SQL Server at their different branches and often interconnect data via web based applications. For such organizations it is critical to keep a sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery which is capable of extracting compromised records in quick time. Most importantly it can recover a whole set of corrupted MDF files in one go with ease. Its recovery rates are best in the industry and it can also handle a variety of underlying storage media formats.

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