How to Show Contact Groups Only in Outlook

We find that contacts and contact groups are visible in Outlook altogether. In this article, I will introduce how to show only contact groups.

In Outlook Contacts, we can create, remove and share contact groups. Therefore, with these contact groups, it is unnecessary for us to select contacts individually when we need to send emails to a multiple of people. We can select the corresponding contact groups directly, which is much more convenient. However, due to the fact that contacts and contact groups exist in the same “Contact” page, we frequently find another hassle. That is we should always figure out the specific contact groups among lots of contacts.

Outlook Contact Groups

If your contacts only contain a few contacts, you can find the groups at ease. While if it has hundreds of contacts, it must be very troublesome. In this case, we can have the contacts invisible by view settings in Outlook Contacts.

Here are concrete steps to make only contact groups shown in Outlook.

  1. In the first place, go to “Contact” page, in which you can see all contacts along with contact groups listed.
  2. Then select “View” tab and click the “View Settings” option.
  3. In the frame of “Description”, you should click “Filter” button.
  4. Then in the new popup window, select “Advanced” tab.
  5. Under the “Define more criteria”, you need to click “Field”, In the drop-down list, you would be required to locate “All Contact Fields”, and then find and choose “Message Class” option.
  6. Next it will turn back to “Filter” window, you should select “contains” in the “Condition” field.
  7. Afterwards, you should type “IPM.DistList” in “Value” field.
  8. Later click “Add to List” button.
  9. Finally click “OK” twice to save the view settings.

As long as you carry out all the steps above, you will find that all individual contacts have been hidden, and only contact groups are visible. In this situation, you cannot see the contacts any more. Thus it is highly recommended that you should customize a new view. You can click “Chang Views” and “Manage Views”. Then click “New” to create a new view mode. Later you could customize the new view by the above steps. Every time when you want to see only contact groups, you can change the view mode.

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