Sharing your Outlook Folder Access with Others

In a letssharecorporate environment there are hardly any days of rest. Even when you are on leave, travelling overseas or recovering from a brief illness, mails and meeting requests keep landing in your Inbox. Now at times many of these meeting requests many be critical and need to be responded. In such a scenario, it makes for great sense to allocate the access to your business email account folders to one of your colleagues. Well if you are using the Ms Outlook email client, allocating access is a seamless process which can be achieved in quick time.


While Delegating Access, the Ms Exchange Server is needed

When you are looking to share access with others in your office, you should working under an Ms Exchange environment. The Exchange administrator in your office would keep the underlying settings in place for easy sharing of mail folders.


Delegating Folder Permission Access

  1. Locate the Exchange folder and right click on it
  2. Next click on Folder Permissions and then choose the specific delegate name
  3. Now under the Permissions choices, below the Other tab you need to check the Folder visible option. Next click on Ok to save the settings


Consider Providing Access to Respond to Meeting Requests

Many business owners or managers are always working under a busy schedule. So it becomes a nightmare for them to answer to every email including meeting requests. You can now allow another colleague or assistant to take care of such requests by following the steps mentioned below

  1. Under the Outlook File Menu click on the Delegate Access Option
  2. Next you need to head to Add and either select or type in the delegate name
  3. Now under the Delegate Permission options choose the Editor permissions for the delegate. This would effectively allow him or her to create, read and respond to meeting requests with ease and access all items in you calendar folder.


An alert professional always keeps a backup plan in place for Outlook data

Any experienced Outlook user knows the value of keeping a backup in place. The Outlook client despite its reputation as a stellar application has some specific flaws and susceptibility to PST crashes is a very critical one. A regular backup of your emails would keep in you a relatively safe position in case you encounter a drastic PST crash. However the best solution involves procuring a pst recovery tool like the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair application to get back your date after a crash. The application has a very wide range of usage and can be used to get back contacts and even journal entries that may have been compromised in the Outlook crash. Further the tool is also useful for maintenance purposes and can be used to break up large unstable PST files. If that was not all, even corrupted PST files which have been encrypted can be brought back to their original shape with this remarkable tool.


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