How to Send an Outlook Appointment to Other Persons

You must have been familiar with sending meetings to other persons. But do you know how to send an Outlook appointment and permit the recipients to add to their own calendar? This article will offer you a quick way.

On one occasion, I would like to send an Outlook appointment to others without creating and saving the appointment in my own calendar ahead of time. Also, I wish to ensure that the recipients can add the Outlook  appointment to their calendar. After some research, I find out the following approach. If you have the same will, take the steps below.

Forward an Outlook Appointment as iCalendar

  1. For a start, launch Outlook program and shift to “Calendar” pane by pressing “Ctrl + 2” keyboard shortcut.
  2. Then you can hit “New Appointment” button under “Home” tab to create a new Outlook appointment.Create a New Outlook Appointment
  3. After that, in the new window of “New Appointment”, you can compose the appointment details. Just fill in subject, location, time and body as usual.
  4. Next you ought to click on the down arrow next to the “Forward” button. From its popup drop down list, you should select “Forward as iCalendar”.Forward as iCalendar
  5. Later a New Message window will open up. As you can see, the appointment has been inserted as an email attachment. And next you can compose the email normally, such as selecting the recipient, filling the message body, and sending it out.Insert Appointment as iCalendar Attachment
  6. Finally you will back to the previous Appointment window. You should close it and select not to save the changes when you receive the Outlook prompt.

Now let’s turn to the perspective of the recipients. He will receive the email with the Outlook appointment in ICS file shown as the following screenshot:Received iCalendar File

When he double clicks on the attachment, the appointment will open in its own window. Now he can change the appointment details depending upon his desires. Lastly, click “Save & Close” button, and the appointment will be added to his own calendar.Save & Close the Receieved Appointment

Difference between “Forward as iCalendar” and Normal “Forward”

Someone may be confused about why I use “Forward as iCalendar” instead of a normal “Forward”. Here are 2 big differences between them.

  1. Firstly, a normal “Forward” will demand you to save the appointment at first. While “Forward as iCalendar” can be undertaken without the premise.Normal Foward Demands Saving Appointment at First
  2. Secondly, “Forward as iCalendar” will turn the appointment into “ICS” file, which permits recipients to add to their own calendar with ease. However, a normal “Forward” will send the appointment as “MSG” file. Sometimes the recipient’s Outlook cannot open MSG file. In that case, the attachment will be useless.Forward as iCalendar vs Normal Forward

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