Send emails to colleagues with links to important files on your office network

In this article we will explore how you can embed links to data files stored in an office network within your email sent from an Outlook email client.

Send emails to colleagues with links to important files on your office network

It is a common practice to attach files in office while sending emails to colleagues. But, have you ever wondered that by sending attachments you consume at least a bit of the storage space in the user’s inbox? This is where MS Outlook provides you with the perfect solution to create a hyperlink in an email message that allows the recipient to directly open the file from the exact location on your official network. Read on and learn to send emails to colleagues with links to important files on your office network.

However, it is important to bear in mind that this way of sending email with hyperlinks is possible only when the sender and the receiver are using or having the access to the network where the file shared is located. In other words, take it for granted that you and the receiver to whom you wish to send an email with a link is either remotely or within your office connected to the same network only then the link will be successful.

Now, let us throw some light on how to actually send an email with a hyperlink to a colleague in the same network. Well, there are two ways to do so. Let us first describe the first method. If the user is using 2003, 2007 or 2010 version of MS Outlook, then the firstly, he or she will need to open a New Email Message. After this, do a left click on the main message area in order to make it workable. Now, press CTRL + K to open the option of Insert Hyperlink. Next, you will need to choose the Down Arrow appearing just next to the Drop Down Menu of Look In. Once you open it, just go the folder in which the file with the hyperlink is located. After this do a left click on that particular file to be shared as a hyperlink followed by clicking on Ok. You will then notice that Outlook will automatically insert a hyperlink to the chosen file in the main body of your message.

Second method to insert a hyperlink in the email message is by first right clicking on a particular file and dragging it in Outlook. Let us now explain it elaborately. For this, you first need to open a New Email Message in MS Outlook and then go to the folder in which the file that you wish to add as a hyperlink is located. Next, you need to do a right click on that particular file while pressing the right button on the mouse and moving the mouse cursor to the main message body of your Outlook message. Just release the mouse button when you see a vertical cursor appearing in the message. You will then observe a menu with appear with one of the options to Create Hyperlink Here, so choose that option and after this a hyperlink to that particular file will be created and will be displayed in the email message.

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