How to Send Emails from Your MS Access Application

In this article we look at sending an email right out of the Ms Access application, especially in the context of sharing reports.

Sending Mails From Your Ms Access ApplicationOne of the easiest and most used forms of corporate communications today is emails. Invariably all important and formal communications in a company are today done through emails. Many people believe sending emails is possible only through an email client. In other words for sending any data from a database; you may just need to extract a report and send it as an attachment via an email client like Outlook or web based platform like Gmail. What they don’t know is, you can also use MS Access for sending emails to your contacts.

The email option available in MS Access is ideal for Access users who regularly send reports or other information contained in MS Access. Through this option you can send reports created using Access, to multiple remote users. However for sending mails using Access, you will have to use MS Outlook as your email client. Through Outlook you can easily select the client you want to send the email to.

A few scenarios where sending mails through Access can prove beneficial are explained below.

  1. For a service oriented organization, like a beauty salons, share trading firms etc . They can send greeting or important information on ROI etc through MS Access.
  2. Getting into renewable Agency Agreements with other companies and sending email alerts to multiple concerned departments in advance to get them prepared for the upcoming renewal.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there are lot of other occasions and situations where you can use MS Access for sending automated email to clients.

How to Send a Report as Attachment in MS Access Snapshot Format Manually.

  1. Open the database and select the report you want to send.Open The  Database And Select The Report
  2. Go to File Menu, click on Send To and select Mail Recipient.Click On Send To And Select Mail Recipient
  3. From the given file format menu, select Snapshot Format.Select Snapshot Format
  4. You can either select already configured Mail Transport Profile from the dialog control or opt for creating a new profile.
  5. Select the profile using which you want to send the mail. If you change settings to default profile, you can skip this step the next time.
  6. Click on OK, modify your mail if you wish to in the email Editor screen, and send the mail.
  7. Click on To, to select email recipients, click on Cc to enter more recipients. Only the contacts in your Outlook contact list will be displayed.
  8. You can choose to attach any other file from MS Office, by clicking on the Attach button.
  9. After clicking on the attachment button, you can select to send it as a Regular attachment or as Intranet mails. You can also choose to ignore this option.Modify Your Mail
  10. Click on Send.

If you are required to send an email with fixed wording and regular report attachment, you can use Macro for automating the action. This can be done using the setting and command of SendObject. There is a lot that you can customize while using MS Access for sending emails, this provides you with more than just the necessary features for sending an email.

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