Search Tips to Find Out Messages that Contain Specific Attachments in Ms Outlook

Sorting messagesth in Outlook is often a cumbersome activity for some users who are not very familiar with its search features. However if you take the time and effort to explore the search options present in Outlook, you can quickly drill down to the emails that you are looking to track. Now Outlook also allows you to quickly find out emails that contain attachments and you can even narrow them by attachment type. Incidentally it can even allow you to scan through files contained in an archive file attachment.


Working with Basics – Sorting emails that contain an attachment

At the very outset let’s start by separating emails that contain an attachment from others. To do so, click on Option in the top pane that contains the search box and then click on Advanced Find. When the Advance Find Window shows up, click on More Choices tab and check the option “Only items with – one or more attachments”. Now when you run a search only those emails messages would show up that contain an attachment.


Looking for Specific Attachment types

In order to search for specific attachment types you need to use the ext: ”extension” command in the Outlook search box. For example if you are looking to search for Ms Excel attachments in Outlook, you just need to type ext: xlsx in the search field. Now in cases you are looking to search for an email that contains either a document file or an excel spreadsheet, you can use the OR operator along with ext command to achieve the desired results. Similarly if you are looking to exclude a particular attachment type from your searches you can use the NOT operator. Outlook even allows you to search for data files within an attached zip file too.


An Outlook Crash Is Unlikely to Spare Any Attached Files

Most of us tend to rely on the Ms Outlook client without a second thought. So much so that in many cases we do not even bother to save an important attachment and remain in the belief that it lies safely within the Outlook data files. However in case you encounter a nasty PST crash, all your data including critical attachment files may become missing. So if you are looking to avoid a data loss scenario during an Outlook crash, simply take recourse to a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Its state of the art recovery process is primed to bring back every data element contained within a PST file including message attachment. Moreover the tool should be your first call if you are dealing with a bloated data file or have encountered a total application crash. In tricky situations where you have stored a PST file on a virtual drive or even on a Norton ghost image file, the application can be used to bring back your email data with complete success.


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