Why Not Create a Rule to Block Received Auto-Replies?

We often use auto-replies in Outlook. But in reality we do dislike always receiving auto-replies. So why not create rules to prevent them?

Automatic Reply is favored by Email users. At present, we can set auto-reply in every email clients with ease. In general, we tend to create an automatic reply in the situation that we cannot reply on time. For instance, when we are on trip, no matter on a business trip or a leisure trip, we may not be able to reply at once so that we require the help of automatic reply.

From the perspective of senders, auto-replies will be appreciated a lot. However, from recipients’ point of view, repeated auto-replies must be disgusting. We will hate those sentences like “I am so sorry that I can’t reply to you at once”. At times, they are almost similar to failures of sending to those impatient senders. As for its consequences, I can’t imagine at all.

Therefore, if you are annoyed at auto-reply like I do, the following steps will rescue you from those pesky auto-replies. Now let’s do it right now!

Rule for Auto-Replies

  1. Firstly we need to open the window of “Rules & Alerts” by click “Rules” in ribbon and selecting “Manage Rules & Alerts”.
  2. Then click “New Rule” to open a new popup dialog of “Rule Wizard”.
  3. Starting from a template, we should select “apply rule to all messages I receive” and click “Next”.
  4. On the “Condition” page, we should pull the scrolling bar to locate and tick the item “which is an automatic reply”, and then click “Next”.
  5. On the “Actions” page, we could select as we wish. For example, we can select “Delete it”. Then click “Next”.Rule for Auto-Replies
  6. Next it will turn to “Exception” page, in which we can select to except specific people or groups if necessary. Click “Next” as usual.
  7. Later give a name to this rule if we like, such as “block automatic reply”.
  8. Eventually click “Finish” to complete the rule.

As long as apply the rule, all auto-replies you received before will be deleted at once. Moreover, since then, you won’t see any auto-replies in your Inbox any more.

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Author Introduction:

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