Restricting the Default Search to Inbox in Outlook 2013

If you have beensearch-engine using Outlook over the years and seen it progress to its current iteration, the spectacularly successful and advanced Outlook 2013, you would have noticed that the evolution of the email client is quite in line with modern email management requirements. Features have been updated and new ones introduced and the look and feel too has taken a new sharper turn. You now have a People Hub feature that allows you to connect over social networks and instant messengers, all from the same window. Similarly there is a well thought out weather bar and attachment reminders to make your life easy. However the Outlook 2013 has certain idiosyncrasies and one of it relates to the Search function. The Search feature in Outlook 2013 sports a sleek design but it seems it has set the default search zone to the entire mailbox instead of just focusing on the Inbox.


Configuring the Default Search to Look into the Inbox only

In Outlook 2013 you may find the default search referencing the entire mailbox which can end up consuming a lot of time. The wastage of time is more acute when you are searching for text string within the body of emails. Hence it makes great sense to correct the reference to Inbox only and the same can achieved by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook 2013 application and go to Options
  2. Next head to Search
  3. Under the drop down list that appears in the right corner choose Include Results only from the Current folder.

Now when you run a search from the Inbox, Outlook will only reference to it. In case you wish the search to cover all mailboxes or all Outlook items you can choose the appropriate referencing from the drop down menu.


Outlook Errors still remain an unfortunate part of life for Outlook 2013 users

Some things tend to stick with us for life and it seems Outlook errors belong to that pesky group. Even though you might have upgraded to Outlook 2013 and have been bowled over by its features and sophisticated styling, it can hardly give you a reprieve from Outlook errors. Granted the chances of an Outlook error cropping up in the 2013 edition is far lesser that what you would expect while running say the 2002 edition, but it still remains a very vulnerable email client. Hence you should always have a recovery plan in place for getting back your data incase the Outlook email client topples over, most likely due to a PST error. Now there is only one pst recovery tool in the market today that can always assuredly bring back your data and it is the ever reliable DataNumen Outlook Repair application. Powered by an intuitive algorithm that can extract the contents from a thoroughly compromised data file, the application can even hold its ground against files of humongous size.


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