How to Restrict Sources of Auto-Downloading Pictures

Generally Outlook allows pictures downloaded automatically. In case of virus attacks, we should stipulate specific sources of auto-downloading pictures.

In our impression, pictures are always downloaded automatically in Outlook. Regardless of their sources, Outlook permits pictures to display automatically by default. In most situations, it does offer us a lot of convenience. We wouldn’t be required to download them manually, which improves our efficiency to a large extent.

However, with virus infections and malware attacks becoming increasingly prevalent on Internet, we cannot rest easy any more. In fact, if files are attacked by malware, our data may be just stolen and we may not lose our data. But if the files contract any viruses, the data will be culled and destroyed, which means that we lose them. Thus confronted with so much loathsome viruses, we should take corresponding actions to protect our Outlook data files. One of the most essential actions is to prevent the auto-downloading pictures with viruses from downloading automatically. We should fully utilize two tools in Outlook, namely automatic download option in Trust Center as well as Junk Email Filter. Here are concrete steps.

Check Automatic Download options in Trust Center

  1. At the onset, go to “File” menu and select “Options” item.
  2. Then in the popup window of “Outlook Options”, locate and click the final option “Trust Center”.
  3. Next in “Trust Center” page, we could see the “Trust Center Settings” button. Click the button to open a new dialog.
  4. Later it will turn to “Automatic Download” page by default, in which we can control whether Outlook automatically download or display pictures in an HTML message. We should ensure that the first item involved with safe senders and recipients in Junk Email Filter is tickedAutomatic Download Options in Trust Center
  5. Finally click two “OK” to return to Outlook main page.

After Trust Center Settings, we should turn to Junk Email Filter to restrict auto-downloading pictures’ sources.

Restrict sources of auto-downloading pictures using Junk-Email Filter

  1. For a start locate and click “Junk” in “Home” ribbon.
  2. Select “Junk Email Options” in the drop-down list.
  3. In the new dialog, we should click “Safe Senders” and “Safe Recipients” Tabs to add in specific addresses and domains, namely designated sources.Restrict Sources of Auto-Downloading Pictures Using Junk-Email Filter

Restore outlook files infected with viruses

Of course, even if we have blocked some addresses and domains, our Outlook files are still at the potential risk of virus infection. Therefore, we should take some precautions, such as make a backup on a regular basis. When outlook files are attacked by accident, we can pick out the backups with effortless ease. Moreover, we should also grab the hold of a third party repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which can help us to alleviate corruptions and repair PST files as soon as possible.

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