How to Remove Birthday Reminders in Batches from Outlook Calendar

Multiple users are annoyed with the recurring Birthday reminders in their Outlook calendar. This article will teach you how to leave the birthday appointments alone and remove their reminders in batches.

As long as you add birthdays to the specific contacts, Outlook will generate corresponding birthday appointments in Calendar folder. Besides, each of them will come endowed with a reminder, which will pop up from time to time. There if no doubt that that’s really pesky. Now I will introduce how to remove these vexing and useless birthday reminders in batches.

Remove Birthday Reminders in Batches from Outlook Calendar

  1. To start with, launch Outlook application and go to Calendar pane.
  2. Then you should change the view to “List” if you are using the other view types. Switch to “View” tab and click “Change View” button and select “List” from the drop down list.Change to List View
  3. After that, directly click “View Settings” button next to “Change View”.
  4. In the new popup dialog box of “Advanced View Settings” List”, you should click on “Filter” button.
  5. Next another dialog box will arise. Under “Appointments and meetings” tab, you need to input “Birthday” in the “search for the word(s)” field. Besides, keep the “subject field only” chosen in “In” box. And lastly click “OK” button.Filter out Brithdays
  6. Later you will return to the “Advanced View Settings” dialog box, in which you would be required to press “Group by” button.
  7. In the subsequent dialog of “Group by”, you should deselect “Automatically group according to arrangement”. You will see that all the option “Group items by” option below won’t be grayed out any more. You ought to click the down arrow and select “Reminder” from the drop down list.Group Items by Reminders
  8. Click a series of “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed totally.
  9. Afterwards, you will discover that the Birthday items are divided into two groups, namely “Reminder: Yes” and “Reminder: No” in the reading pane.
  10. You can click on the header of the “Reminder: Yes” group to select all the Birthday items. And then straightly drag and drop them to the “Reminder: No” group.Drag and Drop to "Reminder: No" Group

Note: if all the Birthday Items carry with a reminder, you can double click one item and remove its reminder manually in the open window. After that, you will back to the reading pane and discover that the “Reminder “No” group has been created. Next just use dragging & dropping to remove the birthday  reminders.Remove a Single Reminder Manually

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