Recover PST Files by Utilizing Advanced Recovery Program

Companies perform their own work indexcorrectly via disciplined email messaging programs. To carry email and also information properly such companies use mail clients. A typical example is MS Outlook, which provides continuous conversation around the network.

Nevertheless, efficient conversation may get disrupted whenever a few practical and also bodily causes hit Outlook. This could as well damage the emailing method. When this happens, the file keeping email messages, contacts as well as other important details may become hard to obtain and thus jeopardize the whole business procedure. The file that contains all the information in MS Outlook is PST.

A corrupted PST file can however be recovered manually, though this becomes impractical where the damage is severe. Thus, it is extremely essential that businesses must have backup of their PST record. Plainly, if you have difficulties or an error with PST file, Outlook may refuse to load, rendering it impossible for you to access emails, associates, attachment, calendar and so on. This is worrisome, right? When you are not able to access your emails due to poor internet connection, there isn’t much agitation, but when it’s because of MS Outlook errors, the thought of maybe never having that information again might cause huge panic.

If you are one such, don’t despair. MS Outlook has an internal tool to help you fix the errors. Yes, you can easily scan all your .pst files for errors and then respectively repair the ones that are showing errors. How about that? Imagine recovering everything as they were without having to wait for days.



What you need to be vigilant of are some unusual behaviors with the MS Outlook application. Such symptoms include, but not limited to;

  1. System can’t locate .pst file
  2. Outlook .pst has got to its maximum limit
  3. Outlook .pst could not be established
  4. Strange error 0x80040600
  5. Can’ find Scanpst.exe
  6. Registry or Installation Problem Error in Outlook
  7. Frequent “Not Responding” message even when the whole computer is just okay

Just immediately you experience any such symptoms, you should carry out a complete scan of the PST files and apply the recommended fixes forthwith. The fixes will recover damaged PST files or perhaps the ones that have been unintentionally erased.

Reasons that may cause PST problems:

  • Because of virus attack or other malicious software
  • Broken PST file
  • Unintentional elimination of email
  • Unexpected program shutdown without saving data.
  • Windows edition can also be the main reason of file corruption
  • PST file has reached its size limitation etc


Other important tools

There are many other important tools for MS Outlook data recovery. These Outlook repair tools recover everything and fully repopulate your mailbox. DataNumen, an advanced MS Outlook recovery tool, helps you with the following and more;

  • Repair oversized PST files
  • Recover lost data
  • Recover unintentionally erased or even eliminated data
  • Recover email plus all attachments
  • Recover password protected PST files with high encryption
  • Recovers emails, associates, calendar, information, articles, and so on.

You can easily try DataNumen by downloading a trial version freely from their website.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information, visit

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