How to Recover Outlook Data from Temporary Outlook Files

When your Outlook is subject to a crash but you cannot recover Outlook data from the original Outlook file, you can still utilize its temporary file to restore corrupted data.

If we meet an Outlook crash during accessing an Outlook file, Outlook may create a temporary file automatically, which locates at the same folder as the original Outlook file. Besides, this file is usually hidden, thus as a rule we cannot see it. Therefore, so as to find out the temporary file, we should make it visible at first.Recover Outlook Data from Temporary Outlook File

Step 1: Configure Windows Systems to Show Hidden File

  1. In windows 7, at the beginning, head to “Start Menu” and click “Control Pane” button.
  2. Then in the new popup window, you should select “Appearance” option.Appearance in Control Panel
  3. In the subsequent screen, you need to choose “Folder Options” label. A dialog box will show up then.
  4. Next in this dialog box, switch to “View” tab, under which you should locate the second box of “Advanced Settings”. You should find and select the item “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.Folder Options
  5. Finally click “OK” to save the settings.

These detailed steps are only applied to Windows 7. Virtually in other windows, you can do the similar operations. As long as you locate the “Folder Options”, you can proceed to the latter steps with ease.

Step 2: Apply an Outlook Repair Tool to Recover Outlook Data

Temporary fileAfter having hidden file shown, you should do then is to utilize an appropriate repair tool. Due to the fact that Outlook is vulnerable to damage, diverse Outlook repair applications have spring out. Faced with them, you should make clear your problem at first and then choose one depending on your specific case. Therefore, if you’ve found the temporary Outlook file in Explorer, you have to opt for a tool which can recover corrupted Outlook data from this temporary file.

As a matter of fact, despite a deluge of Outlook repairs, only few of them can extract useful data from temporary file. DataNumen Outlook Repair is highly recommended here. It can be up to the task. Besides, it offers a trial one. You can download it from its website.

  1. Before utilizing this tool, you should locate the temporary and rename it. If the original Outlook file is called “Outlook.pst”. The corresponding temporary file will be “Outlook.PST.tmp”. So you should rename it as “OutlookTmp.pst”.
  2. Next you can launch the repair program and click “Browse” button to locate the “OutlookTmp.pst”.
  3. Finally just click “Start Repair” button. After completing the repair process, you can surly open the fixed Outlook data file to check whether it succeeds.

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