Receiving an error message while sending an email to numerous recipients

In the thMs Outlook application, it is possible to send a single email to multiple recipients. Now this feature of sending emails in bulk can prove very handy when you are looking to reach out to a large group of people at once. At times though, when you are attempting to send say hundreds of emails, out at the same time, the Outlook email client can stop the process with an error message mentioning “Too many recipients”.  Obviously you may be tempted to know the limit Outlook has set on the number of recipients that you can send an email too. Well the answer is quite unexpected; Outlook does not enforce any limits.


Understanding the real cause behind the error message “Too Many Recipients”

This particular error message is effectively caused due to a limitation set by your mail server which is typically controlled by your internet service provider. These limitations can either be hourly with a potential cap on daily emails that you can send out. In case you experience such an issue, you need to check with your ISP and learn the applicable limits.

Now if you are using Outlook in a corporate setup, there may be an administrator who could possibly place such restrictions. They may even place a restriction on the number of email recipients that you can possibly include in a single email. Reaching out to your technical support team in your office may help you know any possible restrictions under which you need to operate.


Resolve the Issue with the Mail Merge Feature

Using the mail merge feature in Outlook you can schedule the delivery of your emails in a manner that it does not violate the outgoing email limits set by your server or office administrator. You can simply breakdown the activity, a bunch of emails can be sent out every hour while the others are lined up for subsequent sending in later hours. It is important to note that scheduling the sending of emails lined up using the mail merge feature can be achieved by creating a rule to delay emails by certain minutes. Further there are third party Outlook add-on tools available in the market that can help you achieve this with ease.


Securing your Template files from damage during an Outlook crash

If you are running an email outreach campaign using the Outlook email client, then it is important that you properly save your template emails. However an Outlook crash can compromise all your template files along with your contacts list. In such cases only a potent outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair can get back your critical data. It has the capacity bring back your template emails along with all contacts and even notes or calendar entries that you may have made. More importantly the tool is not deterred by the size of the PST file you are trying to recover or by the media type where the file is stored in.


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