Real World Tips to Keep in Mind While Working with MS Outlook

In this article we look at a set of productivity tips which can come handy while working with Ms Outlook.

Real World Tips to Keep in Mind While Working with MS Outlook

In an increasingly competitive economy nearly every professional wishes to improve productivity in every sphere of his or her work. Keeping this fact in mind, we thought of sharing some essential tips that will help you to work efficiently with MS Outlook. Majority of us use MS Outlook for completing a number of tasks, like emailing, reminders, managing contacts and what not. So, just read on and get acquainted with some handy and smart tips that will make work fun and conserve time in your day to day professional life while working on Microsoft Outlook.

The first tip in this respect is to Prevent Throwing Emails in the Deleted Items Folder of MS Outlook. It has been commonly observed that either knowingly or unknowingly, most of the users put or file their email messages in the Deleted Items Folder or the Dustbin or Outlook. Although, it is a folder but remember that it is not meant to be used for later uses when need be, so simply avoid this practice of dumping even important email messages in the Trash or Deleted Items Folder of Outlook.

Second important tip to keep in mind while working on Outlook is to Mark Emails As Read Only When You Have Actually Read. Whether you agree or not, most of us just randomly go through the new emails that land up in our mailbox to see which ones are really important and which ones can be dealt later on. But, while doing so, we forget that Outlook automatically marks them as Read when you even open it once. So, make sure to manually mark them as Unread if you have just opened it but not read it thoroughly, as else it can end up putting you in major professional lose.

Third important tip for Outlook users is to Get Hold of Smart Email Search Tricks. Gone are the days when you had to literally open each and every folder one by folder to search for a particular email in Outlook. Now, the time has come to learn the new searching and time saving techniques while working in Outlook to be more productive.

Fourth Tip is to Prevent Common Mistakes While Emailing in order to save yourself from any professional embarrassment. For instance, in a hurry, don’t forget to send the important attachment that you were supposed to send to a client. Avoid sending important and sometimes even confidential email messages to wrong email addresses. Make sure to write a complete subject in your emails to get the best attention from the receiver. Use the feature of Reply and Reply All to save time and also efforts. However, use the Reply All feature very carefully; else you might end up leaking important official information to everyone around.

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