Reading all your emails in Plain Text in Ms Outlook Email Client

There is an old saying emailwhich mentions that you can never be too cautious. The phrase is absolutely gospel in the today’s world where cyber crime has become a huge bugbear. Cyber threats can be found in many hues and emails tend to be the vector for some of them. From phishing links to images that contain malicious payloads, an innocuous looking email can compromise your system and even your private data. Given the scenario some people like to read their emails in the plain text format that automatically rules out phishing attacks or virus infection through HTML images.


Reading Emails in Plain Text in Ms Outlook

The steps for changing the email viewing format varies according to the version of the Ms Outlook email client you are using. For Outlook 2003 and earlier editions it can be done by following steps

  1. Launch the Outlook application and move to Tools
  2. Next click on Options and in the subsequent screen click on Email options in the first Preferences tab
  3. In the next screen under Message Handling check the option which mentions Read all standard emails in plain text. Click Ok and apply settings

In case of Outlook 2007 and subsequent version the following steps are applicable

  1. Launch Outlook and Click on Tools
  2. Next click on Trust Center and then move to Email Security
  3. Here under option Read as Plain text choose to mark the option which mentions read all standard emails in plain text. Optionally you can choose mark emails signed with a digital signature to be read in plain text too.
  4. Save the settings

Irrespective of the version once the settings are enforced all emails would show up in plain text and no link would be active. In some cases you may have to adjust the font size to view emails properly in plain text.


Keeping a backup plan in place for your Outlook data

If you happen to use Outlook for business, you should always keep a data backup plan in place. The Outlook email client is prone to several flaws with PST corruption being a major one and thus backing your emails using the Import and Export wizard is a necessity. Better still you should keep a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair nearby as it can bring back your emails in case of an Outlook crash. It can come to your rescue in cases where even your backup files, typically stored in Norton Ghost image file or a Window backup file may have got compromised. Besides helping you retrieve your emails, in case you wish to get back your contacts or notes, this powerful tool can grab them out from a corrupted PST file with ease. Even in cases where you cannot locate the PST data files, this remarkable application can sniff out the PST files owing to its class leading e-discovery algorithm.


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