How to Quickly Take a Screenshot and Clip it via Your Excel

Screenshot is a very practical feature in Excel. Here we will demonstrate how to take a screenshot and clip it in your Excel worksheet.

Sometimes you will take a screenshot of other application and then insert the image into the Excel worksheet that you are working with. You will probably use the print screen feature in your computer or third party screenshot tool. When you finish the screenshot, you will insert the image into this Excel worksheet. Although this is the most common way, it is still not effective enough. That’s because you can use the built-in screenshot feature in Excel.

Take a Screenshot

In the image below, you can see that there are three applications in the task bar: the Excel workbook, the folder and the browser.An Example for Screenshot

And now you will take a screenshot of the browser and insert the image into the Excel worksheet.

  1. Make sure that the browser is not minimized.
  2. Now activate the workbook.
  3. After that, click the “Insert” tab in the ribbon.
  4. And then click the button “Screenshot” in the toolbar.Screenshot
  5. Now you can see there are two images in the “Available Window”. Choose the image of browser. Thus, the image will be inserted into the worksheet. If you minimize the browser in the first step, you will not see the option in the “Available Window”.

Besides, the image will be positioned at the selected cell. For example, if the cursor is in cell A1, the upper left corner of the image will also be positioned in cell A1. You may also refer to the image below.Location

  1. Now the “Picture Tools” will appear in the toolbar. And you can edit the image by the features in the toolbar.

Picture Tools

Screen Clipping

Instead of using the screenshot feature, you can see that there is another option “Screen Clipping” under the “Available Window”. Here we will also take a screenshot of the web page.

  1. First activate the browser.
  2. And the switch to the Excel worksheet. Here don’t minimize the browser.
  3. After that, click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  4. Next also click the “Screenshot” button in the toolbar.
  5. Now choose the option “Screen Clipping”.Screen Clipping
  6. And then you will jump to the interface of the browser. And the cursor will become a cross. Here use your mouse and clip the area that you need.Clip the Area
  7. When you release your mouse, you will come back to the worksheet. And the image will also appear here.Image in Worksheet

Now you can also edit in the worksheet by the “Picture Tools”.

In your actual worksheet, you can choose one of the two methods. And this method is certainly better than using print screen feature or third party screenshot tool.

Take Care of the Images in Your Excel Worksheet

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