How to Quickly Check All RSS Feeds Updated Today in Outlook

Some people are complaining that it’s a bit hard to check all the news from multiple RSS Feeds. They have to go through all the RSS Feeds folders to check them. In this article, I will present a quick tip for you.

If you have added several RSS Feeds in your Outlook, you must have noticed that you cannot check all the subscribed items directly in “RSS Feeds” folder, you have to open its subfolders to check them. It is a little inconvenient especially when you try to view all the RSS Feeds updated today. Here is a good approach to this issue.

Quickly Check All RSS Feeds Updated Today

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook. In mail navigation pane, right click on “Search Folders” under the correct account or data file. And select “New Search Folder” option.New Search Folder
  2. A new dialog box of “New Search Folder” will pop up. You need to pull the scrolling bar to the bottom, find and select “Create a custom Search Folder”.Create a custom search folder
  3. Then you need to press “Choose” button. Another new dialog box of “Custom Search Folder” will arise. Firstly, specify a name for this search folder, such as “RSS Feeds Updated Today”. And then click on “Criteria” button.RSS Feeds Updated Today
  4. The dialog box “Search Folder Criteria” will emerge. Under “Messages” tab, click the first down arrow in “Time” line and choose “received”. From the second drop down list, select “Today”.Time: Recieved Today
  5. Next shift to “More Choices” tab. Check the option – “Only items that are”. And from the following list, opt for “unread” item. Only Items that are Unread
  6. After that, you can click “OK” to close the dialog.
  7. You will back to “Custom Search Folder” screen and then click on “Browse” button. In the popup “Select Folders” dialog, expand the folders tree. Locate and mark the checkbox next to the target RSS Feeds. Besides, you should enable “Search subfolders” feature.Select RSS Feeds Folders
  8. Eventually click a series of “OK” to exit all the open dialog boxes. After getting back to main Outlook window, you can see all the unread RSS Feeds that update today have existed in the newly generated search folder.Check All RSS Feeds Updated Today

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